Albion Online 2H Great Frost Staff Guide


This effective skill set with the 2H Great Frost Staff is perfect for solo fame farming and dungeons, excelling in PvE and performing well in PvP. Maintain distance and manage your energy carefully. Adapt your playstyle according to the situation, focusing on maximizing crowd control and area damage.

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Equipment and Abilities


Weapon: Great Frost Staff  
Helmet: Royal Cowl  
Armor: Scholar Robe  
Boots: Cleric Sandals  
Cape: Morgana Cape  
Consumables: Poison Potion and Pork Omelette  


Weapon Abilities:

- Q: Ice Shard  
- W: Frost Nova  
- Passive: Aggressive Caster  

Helmet Abilities:

- Item Spell: Perpetual Energy  
- Passive: Aggression  

Armor Abilities:

- Item Spell: Speed Caster  
- Passive: Aggression  

Boot Abilities:

- Item Spell: Blink  
- Passive: Aggression  

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1. Start by activating Perpetual Energy from the Royal Cowl to sustain your energy levels.

2. Engage enemies by casting Hail followed by spamming Ice Shard from your Great Frost Staff to deal damage.

3. Activate Speed Caster from the Scholar Robe to increase your casting speed, allowing you to spam Ice Shard more rapidly for increased damage output.

4. Use Frost Nova to control crowds and create distance when necessary, and utilize Blink from the Cleric Sandals for quick movement to reposition or evade danger.

5. Maintain aggression with continuous Ice Shard spamming while keeping an eye on your energy levels and utilizing consumables like Poison Potion and Pork Omelette for additional buffs and sustain.


1. Maximize Perpetual Energy and Speed Caster: These abilities are key to maintaining a high level of ability spamming, particularly Ice Shard. Ensure you activate and make the most of these buffs to continuously apply pressure on your enemies.

2. Leverage Frost Nova for Crowd Control: Frost Nova is invaluable for controlling crowds of enemies. Use it strategically to either escape from dangerous situations or create space between yourself and adversaries.

3. Utilize Blink for Mobility: Blink provides crucial mobility advantages. Use it to swiftly reposition yourself during combat, catch opponents off guard, or make a quick escape when necessary.

4. Employ Poison Potion for Additional Damage: When facing tougher foes, don't hesitate to consume a Poison Potion. Its added damage over time effect can significantly boost your damage output, making it easier to take down formidable enemies.