Albion Online - Best DPS Build

Exploring the wide variety of builds that you can get in Albion Online, we have come to the conclusion that the Spear build in Albion Online is in fact a solid option to be one of the best builds for DPS, if not the best. Here's a breakdown of what makes it one of the best options:

1. Versatility: The Spear build offers a good balance between single-target and AoE damage, making it effective in various situations such as solo PvE, group dungeons, and PvP encounters.

2. High Mobility: Many Spear abilities provide mobility, allowing players to quickly engage and disengage from fights. This mobility not only helps in positioning for maximum damage but also aids in escaping dangerous situations.

3. Unrivaled Damage: With the right combination of abilities and gear, Spear builds can output significant amounts of damage, especially when properly utilized by skilled players. The ability to consistently deal damage is crucial in Albion Online, and the Spear excels in this aspect.

When constructing your Spear build, consider synergistic abilities and gear choices that complement your playstyle and preferred content. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you, and don't hesitate to adapt your build based on the evolving meta or specific encounters you face.

The Spearman Build

The Spearman build stands out in Albion Online for its ease and effectiveness. Requiring only a spear, it forms the foundation of several high-damage builds. It's versatile, offering both area and single-target damage. With the right mix of skills and gear, this build provides a rewarding experience in any situation in 2024.

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- Grandmaster’s Spear: Equipped with Lunging Strike, Forest of Spears, and Reckless Charge abilities, along with an Attack Speed passive.

Grandmaster’s Spear

- Grandmaster’s Torch.

Grandmaster’s Torch

- Grandmaster’s Hunter’s Hood: Includes Retaliate and a Swiftness passive.

Grandmaster’s Hunter’s Hood

- Grandmaster’s Mercenary Jacket: Featuring Bloodlust and a Swiftness passive.

Grandmaster’s Mercenary Jacket

- Grandmaster’s Soldier Boots:Equipped with Rejuvenating Sprint and a Toughness passive.

Grandmaster’s Soldier Boots

- Undead Cape.

Undead Cape

- Food: Roasted Clearhaze Snapper.


- Potion: Healing Potion.

Healing Potion


- Q-spell (Lunging Strike): Pierces all enemies in a 9m line ahead, inflicting damage and slowing them. Crucially, it grants one Spirit Spear Charge per enemy hit, boosting your physical attack damage. Initiate combat with this ability for optimal damage output.
- W-spell (Forest of Spears): Channels to deal damage over time, leaving you vulnerable to attacks. Use it immediately after Lunging Strike to accumulate more stacks.
- E-spell (Reckless Charge): Primary for evading or pursuing foes. Dash toward a target, launching enemies you pass into the air.
- D-spell (Retaliate): Erects a magical barrier, enhancing damage resistance—a vital defense maneuver.
- R-spell (Bloodlust): Induces a state of heightened aggression, replenishing health with each direct damage dealt.
- F-spell (Rejuvenating Sprint): Secondary escape or pursuit mechanism, granting a burst of speed in either scenario.