Albion Online - Best Mount for Gathering in Black Zone


If you're seeking the ultimate mount for gathering in the perilous black zone, the Pest Lizard stands out as the supreme choice. With its ability to navigate challenging terrain and unmatched agility, the Pest Lizard offers the best odds of evading ganks and preserving your valuable harvests. Its speed and maneuverability make it a difficult target for those seeking to seize your efforts. Ultimately, the Pest Lizard is the best mount one can choose when dedicated to farming in the black zone, ensuring not only survival but also the preservation of your precious acquisitions.

This mount boasts a passive ability called "Toxic Reaction," wherein it emits a toxic cloud within a 5-meter radius upon receiving any damage. This cloud instills fear in attackers, affecting up to a maximum of 5 adversaries for 5 seconds. The ability has a cooldown period of 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Additionally, it possesses an active ability called "Toxic Cloud," which essentially performs the same function as its passive ability.

Albion Onling Best Mount for Farming in Black Zone




The Pest Lizard boasts good health and practically maintains its speed even when taking damage, as it maintains the same galloping speed regardless. It possesses solid magical resistance akin to armor. Coupled with its active and passive abilities, this mount significantly enhances your chances of escaping potential ganks.

Mount Health: 1224

Non-Gallop Speed: 103%

Gallop Speed: 103%

Armor: 54

Magic Resistance: 54

Silver Value: 430,000-540,000

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