Albion Online - Best Tank Build

Tanks in Albion Online are indispensable across various types of content, ranging from open-world PvP to structured 5v5 encounters. Much like healers, they play a pivotal role in team dynamics, safeguarding allies and dictating the ebb and flow of battle. Thus, it's worthwhile to distinguish between defensive and offensive tank builds. Nonetheless, we've identified a universal variant of the build that adeptly merges both defense and offense into seamless synergy. In this piece, we'll delve into this versatile build renowned for its prowess in shielding allies and applying pressure on adversaries in Albion Online.

Mace Build

The Mace build in Albion Online offers a fantastic blend of offense and defense, making it a standout choice among players. With its straightforward gameplay mechanics, there's no need to concern yourself with managing stacks or intricate engagements. This simplicity, coupled with its effectiveness, solidifies its position as one of the top builds in the game. Whether you're looking to dish out damage or hold the line, the Mace build delivers consistent performance and versatility, making it a favorite among adventurers in Albion Online.

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- Elder’s Mace:Utilize Sacred Ground, Snare Charge, Deep Leap, and the Stunning Strike passive for crowd control and sustained damage.

Elder’s Mace

- Elder’s Leering Cane: Provides additional utility, potentially for buffing allies or debuffing enemies.

Elder’s Leering Cane

- Elder’s Soldier Helmet:Employ Block and benefit from the Toughness passive for increased survivability.

Elder’s Soldier Helmet

- Elder’s Guardian Armor: Utilize Enfeeble Aura, the Toughness passive, and the Spirit Crush passive to weaken foes and bolster defense.

Elder’s Guardian Armor

- Elder’s Hunter Shoes:Use Rush for mobility and benefit from the Balanced Mind passive for increased energy regeneration.

Elder’s Hunter Shoes

- Elder’s Martlock Cape: Enhance damage output with the cape's effect and benefit from its energy regeneration.

Elder’s Martlock Cape

- Food: Consume Avalonian Pork Omelette for increased health and crowd control resistance.

Avalonian Pork Omelette

- Potion: Carry Major Resistance Potion for added crowd control resistance during intense engagements.

Major Resistance Potion


These abilities work in tandem to offer crowd control, defensive capabilities, and utility, making the Mace build effective in various combat scenarios.

Q (Sacred Ground): Sacred Ground is a silence ability that you utilize immediately after stunning your target with the W-spell.  
W (Snare Charge): Snare Charge allows you to dash towards your target, stunning players within a small radius upon impact.

E (Deep Leap): Deep Leap functions similarly to Snare Charge but has double the cooldown.

D (Block): Block enables you to block all incoming attacks, providing a significant defensive advantage in combat.

R (Enfeeble Aura): Enfeeble Aura creates a protective circle around you. Within this circle, all enemies deal 60% less damage to you and your allies, enhancing your team's survivability.

F (Rush): Rush should be utilized when you have a target in your sights and are prepared to engage in combat. It likely serves as an initiation tool to close the gap between you and your opponent swiftly.