Albion Online - Castle Siege Overview

When a guild successfully claims a castle in Albion, a momentous event unfolds. The castle soldiers, once loyal to the fortress, now proudly don the colors of the conquering guild. This symbolic shift not only signifies control of the castle but also grants access to the coveted castle chest, provided one exists. However, claiming a castle is no easy feat—it requires strategic prowess and relentless determination.

To conquer a castle, players must navigate a series of challenges within its formidable walls. First, they must eliminate the Elite Guards stationed throughout the castle grounds. These elite defenders pose a formidable threat and must be dispatched with precision and skill. Once the Elite Guards are vanquished, the true test begins.

At the heart of the castle lies the Castle Lord, the ultimate guardian of its halls. Players must confront and defeat this formidable foe to assert their dominance. But victory does not come easily. To breach the castle's defenses, players must wield a Demolition Hammer to destroy the gates barring their path. While any level Demolition Hammer can assault and weaken these gates, higher-tier hammers inflict greater damage, hastening the path to victory.

The layout of each castle varies, presenting unique challenges and obstacles. Some castles boast multiple gates, each requiring strategic coordination to breach. As players progress deeper into the castle, the stakes rise, and the true challenge emerges.

Following the destruction of the gates, the Castle Lord emerges, ready to defend their domain to the last breath. Only by overcoming this final hurdle can players claim the castle as their own. However, victory is not instantaneous. After slaying the Castle Lord, players must patiently remain within the confines of the "Lord Room" circle for approximately 20 seconds before officially claiming the castle.

Castle sieges are not merely battles for territory; they are tests of strength, strategy, and unity. They are a cornerstone of Albion's rich history, where alliances are forged, and legends are born. For newer players, understanding the intricacies of castle sieges is essential, as they embark on their journey to conquer the realm.

Requirements for Castle Siege

Preparing for a castle siege in Albion Online demands careful consideration of both equipment and strategy. Here's what you need to ensure a successful assault:


1. Demolition Hammer: This formidable tool serves as your key to breaching the castle's defenses. Craft or procure a Demolition Hammer of sufficient rank to effectively destroy the castle gates.
2. Healing or Vitality Potions: Ensure your survival on the battlefield by stocking up on healing or vitality potions. These potions provide crucial sustenance during intense combat situations.

3. Nutritious Food: Proper nutrition is essential for maintaining peak performance during extended battles. Eat well before the siege to bolster your strength and endurance.

Demolition Hammer:

In Albion Online, the Demolition Hammer serves as a versatile tool for destruction. Here are some key points to know about it:

- Crafting or Purchasing: Players can either craft a Demolition Hammer of the desired rank or purchase one from the Marketplace, depending on their preference and resources.

- Crafting Sources: The Demolition Hammer can be crafted by a skilled Toolmaker or Energy Manipulator of the appropriate level. For Avalonian Demolition Hammers, specific crafting requirements may apply.

- Equipment Usage: While wielding a Demolition Hammer is not mandatory to utilize it, having it readily available ensures swift action when breaching castle gates.

- Double-Handed Weapon: It is widely believed that the Demolition Hammer is wielded with both hands, emphasizing its power and impact on the battlefield.


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Stages and Time of the Siege

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Engaging in a castle siege is a multi-faceted endeavor, with each stage presenting its own challenges and opportunities. Understanding the progression of a siege and the time involved is crucial for both attackers and defenders. Here's a breakdown of the stages and their respective durations:

1. Initial Assault:

- When the first demolition hammer strikes one of the exterior gates, signaling the beginning of the siege, the defending guild receives a notification.

- The first task for attackers is to eliminate the Tier 4 guards stationed outside the castle, who defend it after the exterior gate has been damaged.

2. Elite Guard Defense:

- Once the Tier 4 guards are vanquished, the castle's Tier 6 elite soldiers emerge to defend it for a period of 15 minutes.

- This phase introduces a heightened level of challenge as both attackers and defenders must contend with the formidable elite guards.

- The appearance of the elite guards is only announced to both parties shortly before their spawn, adding an element of surprise and urgency to the siege.

3. Castle Lord Confrontation:

- Following the defeat of the elite guards, the castle's lord, akin to the "end boss" of the siege, appears in the town center after 15 minutes.

- The group whose member delivers the final blow to the castle lord secures control of the castle.

- Both attackers and defenders receive notification of the castle lord's impending arrival just before their spawning, signaling the climax of the siege.


- Without resistance, a standard siege typically lasts for approximately 30 minutes.

- However, combat and defensive efforts can significantly prolong the duration required to seize control of the castle.

- Upgraded weapons and gear are essential for effectively combating enemies throughout the siege. Ensure you have sufficient Silver to upgrade equipment and facilitate a smooth gaming experience.


Participating in the conquest and ownership of a castle in Albion Online brings forth lucrative rewards for the guild or alliance that claims victory. From silver to valuable artifacts, the spoils of war are substantial. Here's a breakdown of the rewards and their potential:

1. Castle Chest:

- Spawn Time: A chest appears in the castle after 8 hours.

- Pillage Rewards: The castle owner has the opportunity to pillage the chest, yielding approximately one million silver along with a relic.

- Daily Earnings: A diligent castle owner, present for every chest spawn, can potentially amass up to three million silver each day.

- Purpose: While castles offer significant rewards, they are not typically utilized solely for economic gain. Instead, the allure often lies in the intense open-world PvP experiences they facilitate.

2. Crown Chest:

- Spawn Frequency: Castle Chests have a probability of forty percent to appear once every three hours, with their spawn time advancing by two hours each week.

- Accessibility: Only the guild that owns the castle can open the Castle Chest.

- Weekly Spawn: All Castle Chests of Legendary rarity spawn on Saturday and Sunday.

3. Loot Items:

- Relic Artifacts: Ranging from Tier 4 to Tier 8, these artifacts hold significant value and power.

- Soul Artifacts: Similarly, Tier 4 to Tier 8 soul artifacts are among the treasures found within the Castle Chest.

- Rune Artifacts: Tier 4 to Tier 8 rune artifacts add to the wealth of the looted items.

- Souls, Runes, and Relics: Quantities varying from 1 to 10,000, all rated between Tier 4 and Tier 8.

- Weaponry and Armor: Tier 4 to Tier 8-rated weapons and armor offer powerful gear upgrades for the victors.