Albion Online - Guide to Being a Good DPS

In the heart of countless battles, where heroes clash and enemies crumble, lies the DPS, the Damage Per Second maestro. These formidable figures are the epitome of offensive might, their very presence a harbinger of swift destruction. Whether wielding blades of steel or unleashing arcane fury, DPS characters are the cornerstone of victory, their relentless assault paving the way for triumph.

Yet, the path of the DPS is not without its challenges. While their damage output is unmatched, their defenses often pale in comparison to their stalwart tank counterparts.exclamation To master this role requires not only raw power but also strategic finesse, the ability to weave through the chaos of battle, striking with precision and timing.

This guide is your gateway to becoming a DPS extraordinaire, a guide that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to dominate the battlefield. Prepare to delve into the world of damage dealing, where every strike echoes with the promise of victory.

Choosing Your Weapon

Choosing Your Weapon

Albion Online offers a vast arsenal, but selecting the right weapon is crucial for your battle style. Here's a breakdown of the three weapon categories to guide your choice:

1. Warrior Weapons (Close-Quarters Combat):

Ideal for players who thrive in the heat of battle.

Require close proximity to deal damage.

Examples: Swords, Axes, Hammers (powerful for breaking shields)

2. Hunter Weapons (Ranged Combat):

Perfect for those who prefer to attack from a distance.

Offer safety and strategic positioning.

Examples: Bows (high sustained damage), Crossbows (burst damage), Nature Staves (ranged DoT)

3. Mage Weapons (Magic-Based Combat):

Unleash devastating spells for a unique playstyle.

Utilize magical power for offensive and potentially defensive capabilities.

Examples: Fire Staves (high damage), Frost Staves (slows enemies), Cursed Staves (life-drain)


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Beyond the thrill of wielding a mighty weapon, true combat prowess in Albion Online requires a well-chosen suit of armor. Your armor serves as your second skin, a stalwart guardian against enemy attacks. Selecting the right type isn't just about defense; it's about tailoring your protection to your playstyle and maximizing your battlefield effectiveness.

The Three Pillars of Defense:

Albion Online offers three distinct armor categories, each catering to a different combat philosophy:

- Cloth Armor (Light and Agile): The bread and butter of nimble fighters, cloth armor prioritizes mobility above all else. Its lightweight construction allows for swift movement and rapid attacks, making it ideal for hit-and-run tactics or ranged combat. However, its defensive capabilities are minimal, leaving you vulnerable to sustained attacks.

- Plate Armor (Impregnable Guardians): Standing firm on the frontlines, plate armor offers unparalleled physical protection. Its heavy construction absorbs a significant amount of punishment, making you a formidable presence in the thick of battle. But this resilience comes at a cost – plate armor significantly hinders your movement speed and attack speed.

- Leather Armor (Balanced Warriors): Leather armor strikes a balance between the extremes of cloth and plate. It provides a respectable level of both defense and mobility, allowing you to adapt to various combat situations. While not excelling in either area, its versatility makes it a popular choice for players who value adaptability.

Each armor category has multiple tiers, offering progressively stronger protection but often at the cost of increased weight and potentially reduced mobility. Additionally, within each tier, various armor sets exist, each with unique stats and abilities that can further enhance your playstyle.

Skills and Abilities

Equipping yourself with the right weapon and armor is a crucial first step, but true mastery lies in honing your skills and abilities. These will become the tools that elevate your combat prowess and turn you into a force to be reckoned with.

Skill Mastery: 

Albion Online offers a captivating skill system with two distinct categories:

- Active Skills: These are your go-to tools in the heat of battle. Up to six active skills can be equipped at any time, each linked to the weapon and armor you wear. These skills offer a wide range of effects, from direct damage to crowd control and healing. Mastering the timing and application of your active skills is paramount for outplaying your opponents.

- Passive Skills: These work silently in the background, passively enhancing your character's overall capabilities. As you level up your weapons, armor, and specific skill lines, you'll unlock and strengthen these passive bonuses. They can grant you increased damage, improved defense, or even enhanced mobility, making you a more well-rounded combatant.


Here are a few examples of active skills to illustrate their diverse applications:

1. Frost Nova (Frost Staff): This skill unleashes a chilling blast, freezing enemies within its radius and hindering their movement. This control effect can be used to create escape routes, buy time for teammates, or set up devastating follow-up attacks.

2. Bloodlust (Dagger): For those wielding daggers, Bloodlust offers a temporary burst of enhanced damage. This makes it ideal for eliminating vulnerable targets or finishing off weakened enemies.

3. Poisoned Arrow (Bow): This ranged attack applies a potent poison that deals damage over time and reduces the target's ability to heal. This is perfect for harassing enemies, chipping away at their health, and making them vulnerable to further attacks from your team.

Level Up Your Gears

Regularly assess your equipment and prioritize upgrades. Each tier jump brings significant power boosts, increasing your damage output, defense, and overall combat effectiveness. Enhancements utilize gathered materials, making them resource-intensive. Be patient – the process takes time. Simply upgrade to the next tier for a noticeable performance leap. Remember, gear progression is a continuous journey. As you delve deeper into the game, unlock higher tiers and strive to equip yourself with the most potent gear available. This relentless pursuit of improvement will pave your way to becoming a formidable force in Albion Online.