Albion Online - HCE Tank Build Overview

When you join a Hardcore Expedition (HCE) in Albion Online, your team will rely on you to use a specialized tank build optimized for these intense challenges. In this role, tanks have the critical responsibility of pulling numerous enemies, effectively controlling them, managing cooldowns, and maintaining aggro to protect their group. This build is designed to offer a balanced combination of defense and crowd control, ensuring you can withstand significant damage while keeping enemies focused on you.

As you become familiar with the mechanics of HCEs, you'll find that flexibility and the ability to adapt to different situations are essential. With experience, you'll be able to optimize your gear and skills to tackle specific bosses and unique scenarios in higher-level expeditions. Mastering the tank role in Albion Online not only makes you a fundamental pillar of your team but also provides a rewarding and challenging gameplay experience in the dynamic and competitive world of the game.


Elder's Mace:

Elder's Mace

Elder's Leering Cane:

Elder's Leering Cane

Elder's Guardian Armor:

Elder's Guardian Armor

Elder's Soldier Helmet:

Elder's Soldier Helmet

Elder's Royal Shoes:

Elder's Royal Shoes:


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Major Poison Potion:

Major Poison Potion

Pork Omelette:

Pork Omelette

Rotation for Hardcore Expeditions

This setup relies on utilizing the Authority and Dreadladen Fighting passives to extend the duration of crowd control effects, particularly your Snare Charge, which helps keep enemies under control. Given the significant damage you take when pulling large groups in HCE, the rest of the skills are focused on quick maneuvering and efficient pulling and clumping of enemy stacks to minimize incoming damage.

Skills and Rotation

1. Threatening Smash (Q)

- Use:Gain AoE aggro of enemies.

- Rotation: Start with Threatening Smash to establish aggro on multiple enemies.

2. Snare Charge (W)

- Use: Leap to enemies, root them, and interrupt their actions.

- Rotation:Follow up with Snare Charge to root and interrupt enemies, keeping them under control.

3. Deep Leap (E)

- Use: Leap to enemies, become immune to damage and effects, while slowing and stunning them.

- Rotation:Use Deep Leap to engage or re-engage enemies, providing crowd control and reducing incoming damage temporarily.

4. Enfeeble Aura (R)

- Use: Create an aura that reduces incoming damage to you and allies.

- Rotation: Activate Enfeeble Aura when you have gathered a large group of enemies to reduce damage taken by you and your team.

5. Block (D)

- Use:Block attacks from enemies.

- Rotation:Use Block during critical moments to negate incoming damage, especially when other defensive abilities are on cooldown.

6. Evasive Jump (F)

- Use:Leap to enemies and become immune to effects.

- Rotation: Use Evasive Jump to reposition and avoid effects or heavy damage, ensuring you remain mobile and in control.

Additional Tips for Boss Fights

- Astral Aegis Shield: Consider switching to the Astral Aegis Shield for additional defense during boss fights.

- Taunt (R): Swap your Enfeeble Aura (R) to Taunt to maintain aggro more effectively on the boss.