Albion Online - How to Get Mounts


In Albion Online, mounts are essential allies that facilitate exploration and transportation within the game world. While each player starts with a basic mule, over time the need for a more efficient mount, such as a horse or an ox, becomes evident. When seeking an upgrade, there are various options available: acquiring a new mount from the market, commissioning its crafting to a skilled saddler, or even undertaking artisanal production independently.

Albion Online - How to Obtaining a Mount

When choosing a mount, keep these three factors in mind:

- Speed: The speed of your mount at which it moves.

- Maximum Load: the maximum load that can be carried while mounted or unmounted on a mount.

- Max Load Mounted: the maximum load that can be carried while mounting a mount.

- Resilience: The health of the mount or armor when it is used against enemies.

Acquiring a Mount from the Market

In Albion Online, each city boasts its own marketplace, with items and pricing tailored to its local economy. While player-driven commerce governs the market, mounts generally maintain a stable value.

When perusing the market, utilize filters to streamline your search, focusing on the Mount category (second tab) and Tier 3 classification (third tab). Alternatively, you can directly search for the desired mount. Naturally, ensuring sufficient funds to match the mount's listed price is imperative.

Acquiring a Mount from the Market

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Forging a Mount with the Saddler

An alternative route entails crafting your mount, contingent upon unlocking the Harvester level within the Agriculture branch of the Destiny Board. This method offers significant cost savings compared to direct market purchases. Procure the requisite materials and engage a skilled saddler to fabricate the mount on your behalf. Oxen demand 30 Tier 3 planks, while horses necessitate 20 units of leather.

Forging a Mount with the Saddler

Crafting Your Own Mount

To create your personal mount, ownership of a Tier 3 island is imperative, granting two agricultural plots and a foal companion. These lineage mounts prove more cost-effective when procured from markets. One plot serves for cultivating sustenance for your foal. The other is dedicated to nurturing and housing your young mount until maturity. This hands-on approach not only fosters a deeper connection with your mount but also offers a more economical alternative to market purchases. By overseeing their growth and development firsthand, you ensure a bond forged through care and dedication.