Albion Online - Off Tank Build Overview

In the dynamic world of Albion Online, engaging in large group PvE content requires meticulous preparation and precise coordination. As an Off Tank, your role is crucial for ensuring the success of the group, especially in optimized and organized environments where every member must perform their role effectively.

This guide is designed to help you plan and level up your Off Tank build, focusing on aggro management, enemy control, and damage mitigation during boss fights. Typically, there are two tanks in these scenarios, but as the Off Tank, your role is secondary yet vital: to aggro and clump enemies, and assist in reducing the incoming damage to group members during key encounters.

By following this guide, you will be well-prepared to tackle the challenges of large-scale PvE dungeons and events in Albion Online, contributing to your team's success and enhancing your performance in these demanding settings.


Elder's Incubus Mace:

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Elder's Astral Aegis:

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Elder's Guardian Armor:

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Elder's Royal Shoes:

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Major Poison Potion:

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Pork Omelette:

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Off Tank Abilities

To excel as an Off Tank in Albion Online, it is crucial to understand your abilities and how to use them effectively in different scenarios. This section provides a detailed overview of the abilities you'll use in standard PvE encounters and boss fights, along with suggested skill rotations.

Standard PvE Abilities and Skill Rotation


1. Threatening Smash (Q): 

- Purpose: Generates threat to maintain aggro on enemies.
- Usage: Use this ability frequently to ensure enemies stay focused on you.

2. Air Compressor (W):

- Purpose: Clumps mobs together.
- Usage: Utilize this on specific enemies such as Avalonian Acolytes, Drones, Monks, and Spearmen to maximize crowd control.

3. Shrinking Curse (E):

- Purpose: Debuffs enemies, increasing the damage they take from your group.
- Usage: Apply this debuff to enhance your group's overall DPS.

4. Taunt (R):

- Purpose: Gains aggro of any loose enemies.
- Usage: Use when you need to re-establish control over mobs that are targeting other group members.

5. Block (D):

- Purpose: Survives attacks from enemies.
- Usage: Activate during critical moments to block incoming damage.

6. Refreshing Sprint (F):

- Purpose: Helps in dodging attacks and repositioning.
- Usage: Use to increase your movement speed and reduce ability cooldowns.

Skill Rotation:

1. Initiate with Threatening Smash (Q) to establish initial aggro.
2. Use Air Compressor (W) on clustered mobs to pull them together.
3. Apply Shrinking Curse (E) to debuff enemies, boosting your group's DPS.
4. Activate Taunt (R) if any enemies stray from you.
5. Utilize Block (D) when facing heavy damage.
6. Use Refreshing Sprint (F) to reposition or escape dangerous situations.

Boss Fight Abilities and Skill Rotation

For boss encounters, you will need to adjust your abilities and gear to focus on group survival and damage mitigation.

Gear Switch:

- Off-Hand: Switch to Mistcaller for reduced cooldowns.

- Head: Switch to Guardian Helmet for additional defensive capabilities.


1. Defensive Slam (Q):

- Purpose:Increases damage resistances for you and your group.
- Usage: Use regularly to enhance your group's durability.

2. Guard Rune (W):

- Purpose: Provides a group damage resistance buff.
- Usage:Activate to reduce incoming damage to your group.

3. Shrinking Curse (E):

- Purpose: Debuffs enemies, increasing group DPS.
- Usage: Consistently apply to maintain the debuff on the boss.

4. Enfeeble Aura (R):

- Purpose: Reduces incoming damage to you and your allies.
- Usage: Activate during high-damage phases to protect your group.

5. Emergency Shield (D):

- Purpose: Provides a group shield, absorbing damage and cleansing DoT effects.
- Usage:Use in emergency situations to safeguard your team.

6. Refreshing Sprint (F):

- Purpose: Increases move speed and cooldown rate.
- Usage: Use to quickly reposition or when you need to reduce your cooldowns.

Skill Rotation:

1. Start with Defensive Slam (Q) to boost resistances.
2. Activate Guard Rune (W) to provide additional protection for your group.
3. Apply Shrinking Curse (E) to debuff the boss.
4. Use Enfeeble Aura (R) during intense phases to mitigate incoming damage.
5. Activate Emergency Shield (D) when the group is under heavy fire.
6. Use Refreshing Sprint (F) to stay mobile and ready to react to boss mechanics.