Albion Online - Player House Overview

In Albion Online, houses are buildings of various sizes that can be constructed on islands. These islands can be either Player Islands or Guild Islands, depending on your needs and preferences. Additionally, you can build your house on certain city plots if you meet the requirements. Building a house offers many advantages; one of the most notable is that if you set your house as your home, you will be teleported directly to it after dying in a match or war.

Houses provide increased storage capacity, allowing you to store more resources, equipment, and items gathered or crafted nearby. This extra storage is particularly beneficial for players involved in gathering, crafting, and trading activities. Storing items in your house not only frees up space but also enhances efficiency in managing your resources and equipment. Houses are also useful for resting and respawning, enabling quick and efficient recovery. They offer additional benefits like repairing equipment, with built-in repair stations that help you maintain and customize your items. Building a house facilitates numerous activities, making your overall gaming experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Moreover, you can place laborers and workbenches in your house, which assist you in various tasks. Laborers are non-playable characters that perform tasks such as crafting and gathering resources, improving time management. Workbenches can also be placed in your house to refine gathered items, preparing them for crafting. Overall, houses in Albion Online are multifunctional structures that enhance your gameplay by providing storage, facilitating resource management, and supporting various in-game activities. Whether you are a solo player or part of a guild, building a house can significantly improve your efficiency and experience in the game.

How to Build Your House in Albion Online

The first step towards building your house in Albion Online is selecting and purchasing an Island. Islands come in various sizes, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs in terms of size, location, and the resources required for building your house.

Albion Online - Player House Overview

Purchasing an Island

You can buy Islands from the Island Merchant in any city of your choice. To purchase an Island, you will need in-game currency, which is silver. The process is straightforward: 

1. Visit the Island Merchant: Find the Island Merchant in any city.

2. Select an Island: Choose the Island that fits your requirements.

3. Pay with Silver: Use your silver to purchase the Island.

Upgrading Your Island

Once you have your Island, you can upgrade it to add more building slots and expand the area. Upgrading your Island is crucial if you want to extend your territory and build more houses to gain additional benefits. Here’s how to upgrade:

1. Collect Silver: Upgrading your Island requires more silver, so ensure you have enough.

2. Time Investment: Upgrading takes time, so be patient as you progress.

3. Upgrade Process: Follow the prompts from the Island Merchant to upgrade your Island.

Upgrading your Island increases your area of dominance and allows you to construct more buildings, giving you more advantages. If you find yourself short on silver, you can purchase more with real money.


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House Tier

As you upgrade your house in Albion Online, you increase its tier. The higher the tier of your house, the more storage it provides for your resources, laborers, and furniture. Advancing to the next tier allows you to place higher-tier laborers and furniture.

It's important to note that you cannot place furniture in your house that is above its current tier. For example, if your house is tier 4, you can only place tier 4 furniture. Upgrading your house provides more space for furniture and laborers. Below is a list of some houses and their respective furniture and laborer limits:

- Novice’s House: Furniture limit of 5 and laborer limit of 1.

- Journeyman’s House: Furniture limit of 7 and laborer limit of 2.

- Adept’s House: Furniture limit of 10 and laborer limit of 2.

- Expert’s House: Furniture limit of 14 and laborer limit of 3.

To maximize the benefits of your house, continue upgrading and reaching higher tiers.


After constructing and upgrading your house, as well as advancing to the next tier, you can start putting laborers to work. Laborers play a crucial role in various activities such as crafting and gathering items within Albion Online.

When assigning laborers to tasks, keep in mind that they require space, as well as furniture and trophies to maintain their happiness levels, resulting in higher yields of items. You can enhance the tier level of your laborers by having them engage in tasks that increase their fame.

Acquiring laborers involves obtaining laborer contracts, which can be acquired through various in-game activities. Once you have a laborer contract, you can hire laborers and assign them specific tasks and jobs. Additionally, you have the option to convert your laborer into a laborer contract, which can then be sold on the market. 

Effectively utilizing laborers in your house can significantly enhance your resource management and overall gameplay experience in Albion Online.


In Albion Online, there are various types of laborers, each specializing in different tasks and activities. Here are some of the laborer types and the items they can yield:

1. Gathering Type Laborers: Gathering-type laborers focus on gathering resources from the environment. Examples include:

- Lumberjack: Gathers wood from trees and yields wood logs as job yield.

- Stonecutter: Gathers stone from rocks and yields stones.

- Fisherman: Gathers fish from water bodies and yields fish.

2. Crafting Type Laborers: Crafting-type laborers are involved in crafting resources and items. Examples include:

- Tinker: Crafts items at a Toolmaker and yields planks.

- Blacksmith: Crafts items at a warrior’s forge and yields metals, bars, cloth, and planks.

- Fletcher: Crafts items at a hunter’s lodge and yields leather, planks, and metal bars.

3. Battle Type Laborer: There's a unique laborer type focused on battling monsters on the battlefield:

- Mercenary: Slaughters monsters and collects silver on the battlefield, yielding silver as job yield.