Albion Online - PvP Tank Build Overview

In the vast and dynamic world of Albion Online, PvP battles are an integral and thrilling part of the game experience. Among the various strategies and roles players can adopt, the tank has always been fundamental, especially in large-scale group confrontations ZvZ. However, when it comes to smaller environments like arenas or small group skirmishes, the dynamics change, necessitating a more versatile approach: the Bruiser Tank.

A Bruiser Tank in Albion Online is a variation of the traditional tank. While a pure tank focuses on absorbing damage and controlling enemies through crowd control (CC) abilities, the Bruiser Tank balances this capability with high damage potential. This makes it an ideal choice for solo or small group PvP scenarios where mere survival is not enough. The Bruiser Tank needs to be able to inflict significant damage to quickly eliminate opponents while remaining resilient enough to withstand incoming attacks.


Elder's Heavy Mace:

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Elder's Judicator Armor:

Elder's Judicator Armor - Albion Online Wiki

Elder's Assassin Hood:

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Elder's Duskweaver Boots:

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Major Gigantify Potion:

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Avalonian Beef Sandwich:

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Skills and Rotation

In small-scale PvP scenarios, such as arenas or small group skirmishes, a rigid rotation of skills is not feasible. Instead, success relies on adaptability and the ability to react quickly to the ever-changing battlefield. Utilizing your skills at the optimal moment can be the difference between victory and defeat, allowing you to turn the tides of battle in your favor.

1. Sacred Ground (Q): This skill creates a protective circle that not only silences enemies but also slows their movement. It can be strategically placed to control the battlefield and hinder enemy movement, buying precious time for your team to gain the upper hand.

2. Snare Charge (W): Use this skill to swiftly close the gap between you and your enemies, jumping towards them and rooting them in place while also interrupting their actions. It's a versatile tool for both engaging and disrupting opponents, particularly key enemy casters.

3. Battle Howl (E): When activated, this ability summons a circle that not only silences enemies caught within but also purges all their buffs upon impact. It's particularly effective against buff-reliant opponents, stripping away their advantages and leveling the playing field.

4. Force Shield (R): This skill provides a crucial defensive boost, increasing damage resistances and healing received not only for yourself but also for your group members within the designated area. It can be a lifesaver in intense skirmishes, turning the tide of battle with its protective aura.

5. Meditation (D): Increasing cooldown rate with Meditation allows for more frequent use of your abilities, enhancing your overall effectiveness in prolonged engagements. It's especially useful for maintaining pressure on the enemy team by ensuring your key skills are available more often.

6. Crush Charge (F): As a finishing move or an initiation tool, Crush Charge allows you to dash through enemies, dealing damage and stunning them if they collide with environmental obstacles. It's a powerful skill for disrupting enemy formations and locking down priority targets.