Albion Online - What Mount to Choose

Albion Online's wilderness is as perilous as it is vast. Venturing into the PvP-enabled outer zones demands more than just bravery; it requires the right mount to navigate swiftly, safely, and effectively. Whether you're exploring, engaging in combat, gathering resources, or transporting goods, selecting the appropriate mount can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. Below, we outline the most effective mounts for every stage of the game, from the early game to the late game.

Beginner Mounts

Adept’s Riding Horse: 

When it comes to upgrading your mount as quickly as possible in Albion Online, the Adept’s Riding Horse emerges as the top choice. Achieving Tier 4 (Adept) Adventurer rating might sound daunting, but with a bit of exploration, you'll soon find yourself ready to harness the power of this versatile mount.

Acquiring the Adept’s Riding Horse: Reaching Tier 4 in Albion Online opens the door to a plethora of new possibilities, including the ability to purchase and utilize the Adept’s Riding Horse. This mount serves as a staple for adventurers due to its affordability and exceptional utility, particularly in large-scale ZvZ (Zerg vs. Zerg) battles where mobility is key.

Adept’s Transport Ox:

Adept’s Transport Ox

While the Adept’s Riding Horse serves admirably for swift travel in Albion Online, its limited carrying capacity can quickly become a hindrance, especially for those engaged in resource gathering. Enter the Adept’s Transport Ox a steadfast companion designed to shoulder the burden of your heaviest loads with ease.

Why Choose the Transport Ox: When it comes to managing substantial cargo such as materials, weaponry, armor, or resources, the Adept’s Transport Ox reigns supreme. Unlike its swifter counterparts, the Transport Ox prioritizes sheer carrying capacity over speed, making it the go-to choice for players focused on resource collection and transportation.

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Mid-game Mounts


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In the realm of mid-game mounts in Albion Online, the Direwolf emerges as a formidable and sought-after choice, offering a blend of power and prestige unmatched by its counterparts.

The Swiftclaw's Fearless Sibling: As the Swiftclaw's more fearsome and slightly pricier sibling, the Direwolf commands respect both on and off the battlefield. While it may come with a higher price tag roughly twice that of a Swiftclaw the Direwolf's capabilities justify the investment for many adventurers.

A Preferred Mount in PvP Scenarios: Renowned for its prowess in PvP (Player vs. Player) encounters, the Direwolf excels in various combat scenarios. In large-scale ZvZ (Zerg vs. Zerg) battles, it is often the mount of choice for seasoned shot-callers, thanks to its combination of speed, durability, and offensive capabilities.

Pest Lizard: 

Pest Lizard

When it comes to thwarting would-be assailants in Albion Online, the Pest Lizard reigns supreme as the premier anti-gank mount, boasting unique properties that set it apart from the rest.

Unrivaled Anti-Gank Capabilities: The Pest Lizard's distinctive abilities make it a formidable adversary for any would-be ganker. With the ability to poison and frighten assailants, this mount ensures that attackers think twice before engaging in combat.

Consistent Speed: One of the Pest Lizard's most noteworthy features is its consistent speed, with its run-move speed matching its walking-move speed. This means that regardless of the situation, you won't experience any slowdowns, allowing for swift and uninterrupted movement.

Comparative Advantage over Direwolf and Swiftclaw: While the Direwolf and Swiftclaw may boast higher run speeds, their effectiveness is compromised when struck by mobs or opposing players. The Direwolf's speed drops to 85%, while the Swiftclaw's falls to 75%. In contrast, the Pest Lizard maintains a steady 100% speed regardless of external factors, making it the superior choice for evading danger.

Grizzly Bear: 

For adventurers seeking a balance of strength, endurance, and utility in their mount, the Grizzly Bear emerges as a formidable companion worth every silver coin.

Cost vs. Benefit: Acquiring a Grizzly Bear may require a significant investment of in-game finances, but rest assured, the returns are well worth it. With its remarkable endurance and impressive carrying capacity, this mount proves to be a valuable asset in any adventurer's arsenal.

Unique Speed Boost Ability: While the Grizzly Bear may lack the gallop speed advantage of some mounts, it compensates with a proc-based ability that increases your speed by 120% for three seconds when struck. Timed correctly, this unique talent can turn the tide of battle and serve as your saving grace in the most dire situations.

Formidable Strength and Defense: In addition to its speed-boosting ability, the Grizzly Bear boasts formidable resistance and armor, making it a powerful opponent in both combat and transportation scenarios. Whether you're transporting valuables, collecting resources in hazardous areas, or simply looking to intimidate your adversaries, the Grizzly Bear rises to the occasion with unmatched strength and resilience.

Late-game Mounts

Morgana Nightmare:

In the realm of late-game mounts in Albion Online, the Morgana Nightmare reigns as a legendary creature of infernal power, capable of striking fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned adventurers.

A Legacy of Ganking Mastery: Once revered as the pinnacle of ganking mounts, the Morgana Nightmare's reign was challenged when developers intervened to reduce its effectiveness. Despite this, it remains a formidable choice for gankers, offering a combination of power and style that few can match.

Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond its practical utility, the Morgana Nightmare exudes an aura of menace and power, with its ability to leave a trail of fire in its wake adding to its intimidating presence. There's something undeniably badass about riding into battle atop this fiery steed.

Elder’s Transport Mammoth:

Elder’s Transport Mammoth

In the realm of late-game mounts in Albion Online, the Elder’s Transport Mammoth stands as an awe-inspiring symbol of wealth, power, and unbridled ambition. 

A Monumental Presence: Behold the Elder’s Transport Mammoth, a titan among mounts, towering over all who dare to gaze upon its majestic form. Its sheer size and presence command respect, earning it the title of the ultimate transportation behemoth.

Unmatched Capacity: With its massive frame and cavernous cargo hold, the Elder’s Transport Mammoth is unparalleled in its ability to handle enormous relocations, transports, and extended gathering trips. No other mount comes close to matching its capacity for carrying extremely large amounts of goods across Albion’s vast landscapes.

A Steed of Wealth and Ambition: While the price of the Elder’s Transport Mammoth may place it out of reach for many adventurers, those who possess it wield unparalleled economic power. For ruthless businessmen and shrewd entrepreneurs, this mount is the ultimate tool for amassing wealth and dominating the markets.