Albion Online - ZvZ Defensive Tank Build Overview

In Albion Online, Zone versus Zone (ZvZ) conflicts demand defensive tanks to shield the group and deter enemies rather than crowd control them. These frontline guardians play a crucial role in team survival and disrupting enemy tactics. A typical build for this purpose includes the Guardian Helmet for damage mitigation and crowd control resistance, Knight Armor for physical defense and crowd control capability, and Soldier Boots for mobility and escape. The Incubus Mace weapon provides defensive buffs and crowd control abilities, while the Sarcophagus Shield increases defense and offers additional crowd control. Complemented by a Thetford Cape for crowd control reduction and energy regeneration, this build maximizes survival and defensive support in ZvZ engagements.


Elder's Grovekeeper:

Elder's Grovekeeper

Elder's Guardian Armor:

Elder's Guardian Armor

Elder's Judicator Helmet:

Elder's Judicator Helmet


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Elder's Feyscale Sandals:

Elder's Feyscale Sandals — Loot and prices — Albion Online 2D Database

Major Resistance Potion:

Major Resistance Potion - Albion Online Wiki


Here's a breakdown of the skills for the Defensive Tank build in Albion Online's ZvZ scenario:

- Powerful Swing (Q): This skill serves a dual purpose, knocking back enemies to create space and increasing their vulnerability to physical damage, making it easier for your group to take them down.

- Inertia Ring (W): This ability slows enemies, bypassing their crowd control resistance, effectively hindering their movements and making it easier to control the battlefield.

- Ground Pound (E): Use this skill to leap to enemies, stunning them and bolstering your resistances, providing both offensive and defensive benefits while disrupting enemy formations.

- Enfeeble Aura (R): A crucial skill for group survival, this ability reduces incoming damage for you and your allies, slows enemies, and reveals invisible foes, enhancing your group's defensive capabilities and providing strategic advantages.

- Electric Discharge (D): This skill stuns enemies, further adding to your crowd control abilities and disrupting enemy actions.

- Energetic Sprint (F): Activate this skill for increased movement speed and energy restoration, allowing for better maneuverability and sustained engagement in prolonged battles.