Albion Online - ZvZ Offensive Tank Build Overview

In Albion Online's large-scale PvP battles (ZvZ - Zerg vs. Zerg), tanks play a crucial role. As an Offensive Tank, your primary responsibilities include clumping enemies, leading charges, and providing essential support to your team. This role is vital for your group's success, as a well-executed tank play can turn the tide of battle.

In group PvP situations, you will be expected to support your team by clumping enemies and leading your group into battle. Proper build selection and coordination with your group leader and teammates are essential to maximize your effectiveness on the battlefield. Below, we will explore an effective set of equipment, skills, and strategies to excel in this role in ZvZ.


Elder's Mace:

Elder's Mace

Elder's Taproot:

Elder's Taproot

Elder's Judicator Armor:

Elder's Judicator Armor

Elder's Knight Helmet:

Elder's Knight Helmet


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Elder's Hunter Shoes:

Elder's Hunter Shoes

Major Resistance Potion:

Major Resistance Potion

Avalonian Beef Sandwich:

Avalonian Beef Sandwich

Skills and Their Usage

As an Offensive Tank in ZvZ battles, you’ll typically follow the directives of your group leader, who will call for specific actions at certain times. It’s crucial to listen for these callouts and coordinate your skills accordingly. Here is a detailed rotation using key skills to maximize your impact:

1. Sacred Ground (Q):

- Effect: Silences and slows enemies.

- Usage: Use this to disrupt enemy casters and slow down their retreat or advance. Ideal for initiating or following up on engages.

2. Air Compressor (W):

- Effect: Clumps enemies together.

- Usage: This is your primary clumping tool. Use it after Sacred Ground to pull enemies into a tight group, making them vulnerable to AoE attacks from your team.

3. Deep Leap (E):

- Effect:Leaps into enemies, slowing and stunning them.

- Usage:Use Deep Leap to dive into the enemy backline, applying a slow and stun. This can be used to initiate fights or follow up after clumping enemies with Air Compressor.

4. Force Shield (R):

- Effect:Increases resistances and healing received for you and nearby allies.

- Usage: Activate this during critical moments, especially when you and your allies are taking heavy damage. It can also be used to mitigate damage during an engage.

5. Displacement Immunity (D):

- Effect: Makes allies immune to forced movement effects.

- Usage:Use this skill to protect your team from enemy crowd control effects like pulls and pushes. Timing is key, so use it when you anticipate or see enemy displacement abilities.

6. Rush (F):

- Effect:Increases movement speed and buffs your crowd control effects.

- Usage:Use Rush to position yourself quickly and enhance your crowd control abilities. It’s particularly useful for catching up to enemies or retreating when necessary.