Chargath, Bane of Scales Boss Guide in the Neltharus Dungeon


A title whispered through the ages, bestowed upon a veteran dragon hunter whose prowess has become the stuff of legend. Leading with the authority born of countless battles, Chargath commands the fierce Qalashi hunters, molding them into a formidable force beneath his watchful eye.

While his charges hone their skills, Chargath himself is a master strategist, meticulously plotting their next move with a mind sharpened by years of experience. With each passing moment, he eagerly awaits the chance to unleash his expertise upon the ancient beasts that haunt their realm, knowing that his name will once again be etched into the annals of history with every dragon felled by his hand.

Neltharus Dungeon Guide: Location, Boss Strategies, Trash, and Loot - World  of Warcraft - Icy Veins

Chargath, Bane of Scales Abilities

1. Grounding Spear Grounding Spear: Chargath hurls a Grounding Spear at a random player, dealing 4,459 Physical damage and afflicting them with Grounding Chain.

- Erupted Ground Erupted Ground: Magma bursts from the ground around the spear, causing 3,346 Fire damage every second to players within its radius.

- Grounding Chain Grounding Chain: Reduces the movement speed of the chained player by 40%. If broken, the tripped target suffers from Fetter, causing Chargath to be knocked down for 2 seconds, triggering a Slag Eruption.

Fetter Fetter: If Chargath trips on Grounding Chain, it breaks, knocking him down for 2 seconds.

Slag Eruption Slag Eruption: Deals 1,254 Fire damage to all players and an additional 836 Fire damage every second for 4 seconds.

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2. Fiery Focus Fiery Focus: When reaching 100 energy, Chargath fixates on his primary target, unleashing magma attacks for 25 seconds. During Fiery Focus, he inflicts 9,755 Physical damage to players within 6 yards and emits Lava Splashes every second. If uninterrupted, he casts a wave of magma, afflicting all players with Fiery Demise.

- Lava Splash Lava Splash: Chargath's attacks emit lava, dealing 6,968 Fire damage to players within 4 yards of impact.

- Fiery Demise Fiery Demise: Unleashes a wave of lava, dealing 1,394 Fire damage to all players every second for 10 seconds if Fiery Focus is not interrupted.

3. Dragon Strike Dragon Strike: Chargath lunges at a random player, dealing 5,016 Physical damage and causing them to bleed for an additional 2,090 Physical damage every 2 seconds for 14 seconds.

4. Magma Wave Magma Wave: Unleashes a growing wave of magma, inflicting 5,240 Fire damage to all players in its path.

Tips and Strategy

Chargath, renowned for his mastery in hunting winged behemoths, employs cunning tactics to ensnare his adversaries. Armed with lethal Grounding Spears equipped with restraining Grounding Chains, he immobilizes his targets with precision. When his energy reaches its zenith, Chargath unleashes Fiery Focus, directing a relentless onslaught towards his chosen prey. However, this fervent focus leaves him susceptible to [Fetter], rendering him momentarily vulnerable.


Prepare for the onslaught of Fiery Focus, which inflicts devastating damage and can be halted with a well-timed Fetter.
Stay vigilant for the trajectory of Magma Wave, which advances in a linear path from Chargath's position.


Beware the ferocity of Dragon Strike, a fierce assault that inflicts considerable damage and initiates a bleeding effect on the target.
Be ready to mitigate the aftermath of a ruptured Grounding Chain, as it triggers a volatile Slag Eruption.

Damage Dealers

Exploit the vulnerability of tripped targets afflicted with Fetter by capitalizing on their momentary weakness.
Navigate cautiously around the scorched terrain left behind by Grounding Spears, marked by the searing fury of Erupted Ground.