Chrono-Lord Deios Boss Guide in the Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Dungeon


Chrono-Lord Deios, a formidable figure amidst the dragons, stands opposed to the Dragon Queen's quest to restore the Aspects' powers. While Alexstrasza strives for restoration, Deios harbors a different vision for dragonkind's destiny. With fervent determination, he plots for his flight to seize control over the timeways, believing it to be the key to ushering in the reign of the one true Aspect. In his eyes, this sovereign's dominion shall transcend boundaries, stretching across the vast expanse of time itself, an empire boundless and infinite.

Chrono-Lord Deios Boss Guide in the Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Dungeon

Chrono-Lord Deios's Abilities

Eternity's Ebb and Flow

1.  Eternity Orb Eternity Orb: Deios summons an eternal orb made of sand that falls from above, dealing 348 Arcane damage to all players upon impact and creating an Eternity Zone.

2. Eternity Zone Eternity Zone: Within the Eternity Zone, Deios drains the time away from players, inflicting 1,115 Arcane damage every second and reducing their haste by 30%.

3. Rewind Timeflow Rewind Timeflow: Deios reverses the flow of time, restoring his own temporal energy while dealing 836 Arcane damage to players every second for 12 seconds. During this phase, Eternity Orbs and Zones transform into Temporal Orbs and Zones.

Temporal Orb Temporal Orb: When time is being reversed, a Temporal Orb floats upwards, returning to its point of creation.

Temporal Zone Temporal Zone: Similarly, during the reversal of time, a Temporal Zone channels lost time back into players, granting them a 50% increase in haste.

Time Eruption Time Eruption: An eruption of excess time inflicts 5,574 Arcane damage to players within 8 yards and knocks them back, causing chaos on the battlefield.

4. Wing Buffet Wing Buffet: Deios flaps his wings, unleashing a wave of arcane energy that inflicts 4,878 Arcane damage to all players and knocks them back.

5. Sand Breath Sand Breath: Exhaling time-altering sand, Deios deals a devastating 12,542 Arcane damage to players in front of him, forcing them to reckon with the manipulation of time itself.

Tips and Strategy

Chrono-Lord Deios initiates the battle with 100 temporal energy, utilizing it to conjure Eternity Orbs that pose a threat to players and drain their time. As his energy depletes, he employs Rewind Timeflow to replenish it. During this phase, Temporal Zones return lost time energy to players within them.


- Be prepared to mitigate the damage from Eternity Zone, which not only inflicts damage but also reduces the haste of players caught within.

- Utilize Temporal Zone to your advantage, as it returns lost time energy to players within, significantly boosting their haste and aiding in faster reactions and movement.


- Focus on avoiding Eternity Zone, as it not only deals damage but also diminishes your haste.

- Take advantage of Temporal Zone to regain lost time energy, increasing your haste and enabling more effective damage output.


- Prepare for the high damage output from Rewind Timeflow, ensuring adequate healing to sustain the group throughout its duration.

- Keep an eye on players affected by Eternity Zone, as it deals damage over time and reduces their haste.

- Utilize Temporal Zone to restore lost time energy to players, greatly enhancing their haste and facilitating quicker healing responses.