Dofus - Aniripsa Class Guide


Aniripsas are healers who wield the power of words to mend wounds. They primarily use their linguistic prowess to heal their allies but sometimes also to harm their enemies. Among them, some have become word hunters, verb experts, or explorers of forgotten languages.


Role in the Group

Aniripsas play a crucial role as healers in the group. Their ability to heal wounds and alleviate ailments is essential for the team's survival during prolonged battles or against powerful foes. Additionally, their ability to inflict damage with words allows them to actively contribute in combat, whether by weakening opponents or bolstering their allies' attacks.

Key Abilities

1. Healing Word

2. Forbidden Word

3. Dread Word


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Aniripsas can adapt to different playstyles according to the group's needs and the player's preferences. They can focus on maximizing their healing ability to keep the team alive at all times, or they can prioritize dealing damage to help defeat enemies faster. Those who choose the path of linguistic knowledge can play a crucial role in solving puzzles, interpreting ancient texts, and navigating through unknown territories.

Recommended Gear

Aniripsas can benefit from equipment that enhances their healing power, such as magic wands imbued with word energy or amulets that amplify their ability to channel linguistic power. Additionally, those who specialize in combat may opt for armor that provides protection without compromising their mobility, allowing them to actively engage in battle.

Favorite Tactics

1. Healing Allies' Wounds or Playing as Vampires by Draining Life from Enemies: The Aniripsa can strategically choose between prioritizing the healing of their allies' wounds to ensure the team's longevity or adopting a more aggressive approach by draining life from enemies to sustain themselves and weaken adversaries.

2. Boosting Action Capacity for Themselves or Their Companions: Utilizing spells or abilities that enhance their own or their allies' action capacity allows the Aniripsa to increase efficiency in combat, enabling them to act more decisively and effectively.

3. Hampering Adversaries in Their Actions and Movements: By employing debuffs and hindrances targeted at their opponents, such as spells that impair movement or decrease combat prowess, the Aniripsa can disrupt enemy strategies and limit their ability to execute coordinated attacks.

4. Preventing Major Beatings: Anticipating incoming heavy damage or dangerous situations, the Aniripsa can proactively intervene with defensive spells or healing techniques to mitigate the impact of powerful blows and keep their allies protected from devastating assaults.

5. Dispelling Curses: When faced with magical afflictions or curses, the Aniripsa can use their knowledge of linguistic magic to unravel and dispel these harmful effects, freeing themselves and their companions from the grip of dark enchantments.

6. Instilling Fear in Enemies: Leveraging spells or abilities that evoke fear and intimidation, the Aniripsa can sow discord among enemy ranks, causing hesitation and uncertainty in their adversaries' actions and ultimately gaining a psychological advantage in battle.