Dofus - Best Classes for PvP

This guide provides an in-depth assessment of the top classes in Dofus for PvP, encompassing both individual duels (1vs1) and team skirmishes (2vs2 and 3vs3). Its aim is to offer a comprehensive and well-founded overview to empower players in making informed decisions when selecting their class in the world of Dofus.

It is crucial to emphasize that the choice of the optimal class for PvP is inherently linked to the player's playstyle, individual preferences, and team composition. It is advisable to explore various classes and strategies in order to find the most suitable combination. May your PvP battles in Dofus be met with success!

Tier List in PvP - 3 vs 3

In PvP 3 vs 3, the ranking of classes is determined by the pre-constructed team composition. Classes that enforce a specific strategy on the team, such as Pandawa or Dodger, are not recommended for random Kolossium matches.

Tier List in PvP – 3 vs 3


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Tier List in PvP - 2 vs 2

In the PvP 2 vs 2 mode introduced in Kolossium with Dofus 2.70, success hinges on leveraging potent class combinations, such as a proficient full tank Sacrier. Alternatively, players may opt to capitalize on opponent tendencies in random registrations. Classes that lack agility or struggle to complement their duo partner may find themselves at a disadvantage in this format.

Tier List in PvP - 2 vs 2

Tier List in PvP - 1 vs 1

In 1 vs 1 PvP, classes with strong offensive capabilities, ranged damage, and erosion potential are highly valued. Since the lifting of matchmaking restrictions, the Cra class has emerged as an excellent contender in this category, offering swift and often favorable engagements. While not guaranteeing victory in every encounter, Cra excels in quick, expedient battles.

Similarly, the Eniripsa class has gained significant advantage with its post-redesign kit, boasting a versatile range of abilities to exploit. Its diverse toolkit allows for adaptive strategies, further solidifying its standing as a serious contender in 1 vs 1 PvP matchups.

Tier List in PvP - 1 vs 1