Dofus Class Categories


In this game, classes are divided into three categories: Damage Dealers, Supporters, and Multi-Purpose. Damage Dealers like Iops and Srams excel in dealing high amounts of damage, while Supporters such as Eniripsas and Osamodas provide team support with healing and defense. Multi-Purpose classes like Enutrofs and Pandawas offer versatility in roles and strategies. Each class possesses unique abilities that players can leverage to create balanced teams and tackle varied challenges within the game.

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Damage Dealers

Classes designated as Damage Dealers (DD), such as Iops and Srams, excel in dealing substantial damage, whether up close or at a distance. Here's a breakdown of their roles:

- Iops: Known for pure damage, although limited in range with moderate to high mobility. They synergize well in teams, enhancing damage and health. (Roles: Damage, Improvement, Positioning)

- Rogues: Specialize in bomb-based damage and glyph manipulation, capable of mid-range attacks and strategic map control. They deploy Boombots for tactical positioning. (Roles: Damage, Preventing Movement, Positioning)

- Ecaflips: Thrive in close to mid-range combat, heavily reliant on luck for high damage output. They support teams by boosting AP, MP, and possess exceptional mobility. (Roles: Damage, Improvement, Healing)

- Srams: Utilize traps for strategic damage and can turn invisible for surprise attacks and advantageous positioning. They excel in controlling enemy movement. (Roles: Damage, Preventing Movement, Positioning)

- Cras: Master ranged combat, bolstering allies' range while diminishing foes'. They excel in long-distance engagement and strategic positioning through spells. (Roles: Damage, Preventing Movement, Positioning)


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Classes categorized as supporters include the Eniripsa, Feca, Osamodas, and Sacrier. While capable of independent combat, they shine brightest in team settings. Here's a breakdown of their roles:

- Eniripsas: Valued for AP boosting and healing, lacking in offensive abilities and range, relying on wands and hammers for damage. (Roles: Healing, AP Boosting)

- Fecas: Less supportive but boast stronger offense and defense with damage-reducing shields and temporary damage immunity. They deal damage through AoE glyphs. (Roles: Defense, Damage)

- Osamodas: Versatile supporters suitable for all scenarios. Their spells and summoned creatures bolster offense and defense, with a unique ability to revive fallen allies. (Roles: Versatility, Revival)

- Sacriers: While lacking in ally buffs, they excel in damage absorption and positioning. Their unique ability to increase stats when damaged propels them into high damage ranges. (Roles: Damage Absorption, Positioning)


Enutrofs and Pandawas are versatile classes that adapt to various playstyles, albeit with a steep learning curve.

- Enutrofs: Can evolve into flexible supporters or long-range attackers, proficient in MP removal. As supporters, they offer limited defense, healing, and team offense boosts. As attackers, they excel in high damage at medium range, with superior Prospecting. Their unique MP removal spells disable enemies, adding strategic depth.

- Pandawas: Offer versatility as defensive supporters or mid-range attackers. Resembling Sacriers in support, they boast tanking, repositioning, and damage amplification against foes. As attackers, they deal formidable damage at moderate range, with MP loss resistance and self-dispel abilities, making them elusive.

- Masqueraiders: Mimicking Pandawas, they toggle between defensive support and potent offense, providing shields and dealing significant damage. Their spell variety facilitates swift map maneuvering and ally manipulation, adapting seamlessly to diverse combat scenarios.