Dofus - How to Get Your First Mount

In the vast and enchanting universe of Dofus, mounts represent a significant evolution of the pet system, offering players a unique combination of functionality and style. Starting from level 60, adventurers can begin to use these valuable companions, which not only enhance mobility but also provide crucial strategic benefits for various missions and battles in the game. While players can equip both a pet and a mount simultaneously, they can only use one of them at a time.

In Dofus, there are three main types of mounts available: Dragoturkeys, Seemyools, and Rhineetles. Each of these mounts has unique characteristics that cater to different play styles and tactical needs. Dragoturkeys are known for their speed and versatility, Seemyools offer advantages in aquatic combat, and Rhineetles are famed for their endurance and brute strength. These mounts enrich the gameplay experience, allowing players to explore the world of Dofus more efficiently and excitingly. The inclusion of these mounts not only diversifies player options but also adds an additional layer of depth and strategy to the game.

How to Get Your First Mount

To ride a mount in Dofus, your character must be at least Level 60. Here’s a step-by-step guide to obtaining and using your first mount:

1. Purchase a Mount Certificate: 

- You can buy a Mount Certificate from the pet market in Bonta at coordinates [-36,-56] or in Brakmar at [-32,37].

- Alternatively, you can exchange with another player.

2. Check Mount Conditions: 

- Ensure that the mount’s conditions are as follows:

- Mountable = Yes
- Wild = No
- Energy > 0
- Maturity = 10000

- Be careful not to buy an expired certificate, as certificates have an expiration date.

3. Equip Your Mount:

- With the valid Mount Certificate in the inventory of your Level 60+ character, head to a public Paddock. Public Paddocks are available in both Bonta and Brakmar.

Equip Your Mount

- Click on the Paddock gate to get the option to equip your mount.

4. Mount Your Mount:

- After equipping the mount, you still need to mount it. Click the Dragoturkey head icon (default keyboard shortcut "d") to view your equipped mount.

- Click the first button to mount or dismount it.

Mount Energy

Managing your mount's energy is crucial for maintaining its usability:

Energy Consumption:

- Changing maps uses 1 energy per map.

- Changing dungeon rooms uses 1 energy per room.

- Using teleports (Zaaps, potions, etc.) uses 1 energy per teleport.

- If the mount’s tiredness meter is full or nearly full due to breeding items, it will lose more energy points.

Replenishing Energy:

- If your mount runs out of energy, you will be automatically dismounted, and the mount will be unrideable until you replenish its energy.

- Replenish energy by feeding the mount items such as Kaliptus Leaves, Kaliptus Flowers, raw meat, raw fish, and gutted fish.

- You can also make your mount interact with Mangers to restore its energy.


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Mount Storage Space

Mounts in Dofus come with their own storage space, providing a convenient way to carry additional items while exploring the game world. Here’s what you need to know about utilizing your mount’s storage:

1. Accessing Mount Storage:

- While your mount is equipped, you can access its storage space. This allows you to store and retrieve items without needing to return to a bank or another storage facility.

2. Storage Capacity:

- The amount of storage, or "pods," that a mount can carry varies. 

- Mounts with the Loadbearer capacity have twice the storage capacity compared to normal mounts. This makes Loadbearer mounts particularly valuable for players who need to transport large amounts of items or resources.

Mount Types

In Dofus, there are three main types of mounts available, each with unique characteristics and primary stats. Here’s an overview of each type:

1. Dragoturkeys: Vitality


2. Seemyools: (MP)


3. Rhineetles: (AP)