Dofus - How to Obtain the Kanibola Mask

The Kanibola Mask is a crucial item in the game, serving as the key to access the Moon dungeon. However, many players in Aguabrial are unaware of how to obtain it. This item, tied to the Kanibal tribe, requires adventurers to venture into the islands near the Moon archipelago. The mask can be obtained on Moon Island, which you can access by equipping the Wooden Helmet and Wings, then heading to the cannon in the Brus Bulguro clearing (11, 10). Use the cannon to shoot yourself to Moon Island. Note that you need to be level 30 or above to use the cannon. Being well-prepared and utilizing hints from the environment and the game community is essential to accomplish this important quest.

How to Obtain the Kanibola Mask

1. Collect Kokoko Nuts:

- Gather a substantial amount of Kokoko Nuts, which can be dropped around the island. A minimum of 63 is required, but it is recommended to carry 85.

2. Drop the Four Turtle Shells:

- Once you have the Kokoko Nuts, go and drop the four turtle shells: Yellow, Blue, Red, and Green. These will go to the Quest Items in your inventory. They are obtained by killing turtles, as their names suggest.

- Note: Although these shells are quest items, there is not a 100% drop rate.

3. Collect Pirate Relics:

- You will need the four pirate relics (these can be obtained later, so there is no rush): Pirate Skull, Hanging Jaw, Hook, and Pirate Hat. These are obtained by killing pirates, whether from the shipwreck on Moon Island, the Castaway Island, or the Pirate Ship in the Deep Moon Jungle. The last relic, the Pirate Hat, is obtained after defeating Le Chuko on the Pirate Ship.

4. Go to the Jungle Entrance:

- Head to [34,5], where Propanzón Crizoe is located, which is the entrance to the jungle. Then, proceed to [31,6], being cautious to avoid monsters, some of which may attack, like the Zampavors, which can kill you in one hit if they catch you.

5. Enter the Kanibal Village:

- At [31,6], you will find the Kanibal Cook NPC, who will allow you to enter the Kanibal village (if you meet the requirements). The requirements to access the village are having the four turtle shells previously dropped. Once the shells are given and you are teleported to [30,6], you will be in the Kanibal village.

- Note: Do not go back to the previous map, [31,6]. If you do, you will have to drop the shells again to re-enter.


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6. Obtain Kanibal Masks:

- Now you must obtain the Kanibal masks, which can be dropped in the village or in the dungeon, right after entering the jungle. There are four masks: Yellow, Blue, Red, and Green, like the shells.

- Note: The Kanibals will attack.

7. Proceed to the Pirate Ship:

- Once you have the masks, go to [30,11], where the Pirate Ship is located. On the right side of the map, next to a barrel, there is a hole you need to click to enter.

Proceed to the Pirate Ship

8. Find and Defeat Le Chuko:

- Search for Le Chuko's cabin, which is located below, in a middle room. This monster has a spawn delay, so if it's not there, you will need to wait. When it appears, defeat it to drop the fourth relic, the Pirate Hat.

- Note: The monsters on the ship will attack.

9. Exit the Pirate Ship:

- Exit the Pirate Ship through a trapdoor in front of Le Chuko's cabin. Follow the path to leave. You will appear at [32,11], and then head to [36,10]. Follow the path to get to Nomoon, in the secret cells. To see them, enable the option to show cells.

10. Complete the Labyrinth:

- You need to complete the labyrinth, as in the Nomoon.

This information will be clarified in the near future.

11. Trade Pirate Relics:

- After completing the labyrinth, you will reach NPC Alza Belas, with whom you will exchange the pirate relics. You will obtain the Black Paint in exchange.

12. Final Step:

- Finally, go back to [34,5] and talk to Propanzón Crizoe. Give him the masks and the paint to obtain the Kanibola Mask.

Final Step