Dofus - Laikteur Incarnation Guide

In the realm of companions, Laikteur stands out as a former incarnation who has evolved into a steadfast ally. Boasting an arsenal of six potent spells, Laikteur brings a unique blend of versatility and power to any adventure. It's worth noting that while each character can only have one companion by their side, strategic players can still deploy multiple companions within a team.

Following a recent rework, Laikteur remains true to his roots with a focus on 'Ranged Harassment' gameplay, making him a formidable asset for those venturing alone or leading a small band of adventurers. Join us as we delve into the depths of Laikteur's abilities and uncover the secrets to harnessing his full potential.

How to Obtain Laikteur

To acquire the coveted Laikteur companion, adventurers must first procure the Laikteur Sign from the esteemed Mamie Voudou, located at coordinates (31.9). In exchange for 200 Laikteur Skewers, this venerable vendor will part with the necessary artifact. 

The Laikteur Skewers, a level 30 Hunter recipe, can be crafted using a blend of harvestable resources, fish, and meat, ensuring that only the most skilled hunters can undertake this culinary endeavor.

Once armed with the Laikteur Sign, adventurers must embark on a challenging journey marked by the achievement "Companions, what is your job?" This quest entails overcoming a series of formidable dungeon bosses, including Nelween, Blacksmiths' Chest, Tanukoui San, Ougah, Klime, and Chaloeil.

However, success in this endeavor requires more than mere prowess in battle. A team of at least three players, each accompanied by a companion or others in their category, must band together to overcome these trials and claim the esteemed Laikteur as their own. So gather your allies, hone your skills, and prepare for an adventure like no other as you strive to secure the legendary Laikteur companion.


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Laikteur's Arsenal of Spells

1. Tambouille: Unleashes a culinary onslaught by afflicting the target with a potent start-of-turn Water poison.


2. Water Bath: Engulfs the target in a refreshing yet perilous bath of water, inflicting start-of-turn Water poison and depriving them of precious AP.

Fate CompanionsBain-marie

3. Kettle: Sets a cunning trap, luring enemies into a single-cell trap that administers end-of-turn Water poison and restricts their movement by removing MP in a one-square area.

Fate CompanionsKettle

4. Marmiton: Transports the caster with the speed and precision of a seasoned chef to a targeted square, allowing for swift maneuvering amidst the chaos of battle.

Spell CompanionsMarmiton

5. Poaching: Conceals the caster from sight, rendering them invisible while granting a boost to their MP, enabling nimble and stealthy movement across the battlefield.

Spell CompanionsPoaching

6. Water Complexion: Unleashes a torrent of water-based force, pushing the target away while simultaneously propelling the caster in the opposite direction, creating strategic distance and disrupting enemy formations.

Spell CompanionsWater Complexion