Dofus - Perceptors Overview

Perceptors, originally named Perceptors, then renamed to Collectors, and eventually reverted to their original name, are a type of "Guild monster" in games. Commonly referred to as Percs, they can be placed by members of a Guild to gather experience (XP) and drops from fights occurring in the area.

These Percs are strategically placed by guild members to maximize resource gain without needing to participate directly in every battle. They act as guardians and automatic collectors, benefiting the guild by passively accumulating rewards.

The use of Perceptors adds a tactical layer to the game, as guilds must decide where and when to place these collectors to gain the maximum advantage. Additionally, the presence of Percs can trigger skirmishes between rival guilds aiming to destroy them to prevent further accumulation of resources or to steal their rewards.

In summary, Perceptors are a valuable tool for guilds, allowing them to grow and strengthen by automatically collecting experience and items from battles in their vicinity.

How to Place a Perceptor

Designated guild members can place a Perceptor on their current map using a Perceptor Summoning Potion. Once placed, the Perceptor collects drops and experience (XP) from all combats in the area, functioning as if it were a participant. The accumulated resources are stored until a guild member retrieves them or until the Perceptor is killed by another adventurer. If an adventurer kills the Perceptor, they obtain all the dropped items, and if they belong to a guild, they also receive all the guild XP gathered.

Historically, Perceptors would steal drops from other players, but now they have their own separate roll for drops. As they roll last, any drops they receive are additional and not taken from other players. This change ensures that Perceptors no longer negatively impact other players' loot.

However, not all maps accept Perceptors. Specific locations such as Class Temples and non-subscriber zones do not permit the placement of Perceptors. This restriction requires guild members to be strategic about where they place Perceptors to maximize their benefits.

 Perceptor Summoning Potion.

Characteristics of Perceptors

As a guild gains levels, their Perceptors become more powerful. A Perceptor has 3000 + (Guild level) * 20 Vitality and 25% Resistances to all elements, which are fixed. Additionally, Perceptors gain 5 stat points for each level their Guild achieves. These points can be allocated to enhance any of the following attributes:

Prospecting1005001 per point
Wisdom04001 per point
Pods1000500020 per point
Number of Perceptors1501 per 10 points
SpellsLevel 0Level 51 per 5 points

Strategic allocation of these stat points can significantly enhance the Perceptor's effectiveness in gathering resources and surviving in combat. Guilds must decide how to distribute these points based on their priorities and the challenges they face in their environment.


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Spells of Perceptors

Similar to characters, Perceptors possess spells. However, unlike characters who start with spells at level 1 and can use them without spending spell points, Perceptors begin with all spells at level 0 and must level them up to 1 to make them usable. Their spell repertoire includes a variety of abilities, ranging from Shields to Healing spells.

The use of spells by Perceptors is somewhat unpredictable. In battles with many defenders, Perceptors often exhibit erratic behavior, such as moving away from enemies or ending their turn without taking any action. This inconsistency can make it challenging to rely on their spells during combat.

Despite this unpredictability, leveling up Perceptor spells can significantly enhance their effectiveness in supporting the guild through both defense and resource gathering.

Perceptor Icon Spell Aqueous Armour Aqueous Shield: Reduces Water damage.

Perceptor Icon Spell Glowing Armour Glowing Shield: Reduces Fire damage.

Perceptor Icon Spell Earth Armour Earth Shield: Reduces Earth damage.

Perceptor Icon Spell Wind Armour Wind Shield: Reduces Air damage.

Perceptor Icon Spell Flame Flame: High Fire damage, linear.

Perceptor Icon Spell Cyclone Cyclone: Low/Average Air damage, No line of sight.

Perceptor Icon Spell Wave Wave: Low/Average Water damage, linear, 3 square linear AoE.

Perceptor Icon Spell Rock Rock: Average to High Earth Damage, 2 squares circular AoE.

Perceptor Icon Spell Healing Word Word of Healing: Heals target.

Perceptor Icon Spell Unbewitchment Unbewitchment: Unbewitches target.

Perceptor Icon Spell Mass Compulsion Mass Compulsion: Increases allies damage in an AoE.

Perceptor Icon Spell Destabilization Destabilization: -Critical Hits to target.

Perceptor Fights

Perceptor fights resemble other forms of PvP combat but have some distinct differences:

1. Preparation Phase: The preparation phase is significantly longer than in other fights, allowing guild members more time to join the Perceptor's side.

2. IP Restriction: Only one character per IP address can join a Perceptor fight, ensuring fair participation.

3. Battle Termination: If the Perceptor is killed, the battle ends immediately, even if there are still guild defenders alive.

4. Energy Loss: Losing against a Perceptor results in a loss of 3000 energy in addition to the normal energy loss.

5. Cooldown Period: After losing a fight, you must wait 60 minutes before attacking the same Perceptor again.

6. Dungeon Restriction: You cannot attack a Perceptor in a dungeon room if you logged in at that room, but you can join the fight if another person initiates it.

7. Level Restriction: Characters below level 50 can no longer attack Perceptors.