Dofus - The Arena of Kolossium


Kolossium serves as a versatile arena, accommodating PvP enthusiasts with its diverse range of formats: 1vs1, 2vs2, and 3vs3 battles. It stands out as a compelling alternative within the PvP landscape due to its streamlined mechanics and generous rewards. Unlike other PvP options, Kolossium eliminates the risk of penalties or drawbacks for participants, ensuring that the only investment required is time. This accessibility, coupled with its engaging gameplay, makes Kolossium a popular choice among players seeking competitive thrills without unnecessary complications.

How to Enter the Kolossium

Entering the Kolossium is straightforward once you meet the prerequisites. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Level and Subscription Requirement: Ensure that your character is at least level 20 and that you have an active subscription (P2P, Pay to Play) to access the Kolossium.

2. Access the Kolossium Interface: Once eligible, locate and click on the Kolossium button within the game interface.

3. Choose Game Mode: Within the Kolossium interface, select your desired game mode: either 3vs3 or 1vs1.

4. Register: After selecting the preferred game mode, click on the "Register" button to initiate the matchmaking process.

5. Matchmaking: The Kolossium system will then search for two additional players to form a team in the 3vs3 mode, or an opponent in the 1vs1 mode. If you're already in a group, the system will find opponents to match your group size.

6. Pre-made Group: If you prefer to enter the 3vs3 mode with a pre-made group, you can create one by inviting other players. Simply left-click on the characters or character names you wish to invite and select 'Invite to the Kolossium'.

7. Match Confirmation: Once the system has found suitable opponents and allies (if applicable), you'll receive a notification to confirm your participation in the upcoming battle.

8. Enjoy the Fight: Once confirmed, you'll be automatically transported to the Kolossium arena where the battle will take place. Prepare yourself for an exciting PvP encounter!


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Fighting System

In the Kolossium, matchmaking is based on the "Rating" of the characters involved, aiming to create balanced fights. This means that you might face opponents who are of a higher level than your own if your rating is notably high.

As players win battles, their rating increases, leading them to face progressively stronger opponents. Conversely, those who struggle against powerful teams and repeatedly lose will see a decrease in their rating, eventually leading to matches against more evenly matched opponents.

The key to receiving balanced fights lies in consistent participation and perseverance, especially through challenging battles. Over time, your rating will adjust to a level where you encounter opponents of similar strength.

Combat within the Kolossium follows the standard PvP mechanics. However, losing a battle doesn't result in any HP loss for the player or their pets. This design ensures that participation remains rewarding, as there are no penalties for losing, only rewards for victories.

Fighting System


Winning a battle in the Kolossium yields several rewards, including Experience Points (XP), Kamas (in-game currency), and Kolossokens. The amount of Kolossokens and Kamas earned is determined by your rank within the Kolossium.

- Kolossokens: The Kolossokens gained from winning a battle are equivalent to your Rank divided by 20.

- Kamas: The amount of Kamas earned is also dependent on your rank, calculated as Rank multiplied by 10.

In addition to the rewards obtained directly from winning battles, there's a daily bonus awarded to players who win at least one match within the last 24 hours. The daily bonus consists of:

- Kolossokens: Your Rank divided by 10.

- Kamas: Your Rank multiplied by 10.

For the 1vs1 game mode, the rewards are divided by 3, meaning the amount of XP, Kamas, and Kolossokens earned from winning a 1vs1 battle is one-third of what you would receive in the other game modes.