Dofus - The Expeditions Season 2 "Origins"

Get ready for an exciting adventure with the return of Expeditions to Dofus! Announced earlier this year, the second season of Expeditions arrives under the name "Origins," in honor of the game's 20th anniversary. On this special occasion, you'll have the opportunity to rediscover 20 iconic dungeons, each revamped and ready to challenge even the most seasoned adventurers.

It won't be a leisurely stroll, as the bosses of these dungeons have been revitalized for the occasion, presenting new challenges and strategies to defeat them. From April 30th to June 25th, brave adventurers will have the chance to tackle these challenges and earn incredible rewards for their bravery and skill.

Join in the celebration of Dofus' 20th anniversary and dive into nostalgia as you explore these dungeons filled with history and renewed challenges. Get ready for an epic adventure in Expeditions: Origins!

How to Participating in the Expeditions

Participating in expeditions is now easier than ever. You no longer need to visit the NPC at the Astrub zaap to obtain Bravery and Audacity idols (though paying them a visit might still be appreciated). Participation in expeditions is now automatic and doesn't require any specific items. So, how does it work? Participating is quite simple. Approach the dungeon keepers. If an "expedition" version of the dungeon is available, you'll receive a specific response that will teleport you to an "alternative" version of the dungeon: the EXPEDITION VERSION. This particular version of the dungeon will only consist of a maximum of 2 rooms. In the first room, you'll encounter monsters adapted for the expedition, before facing them alongside the modified guardian in the second room.


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Unlike the first season, Expeditions no longer feature idols for the second season in Dofus. Additionally, each boss only has one version to offer a truly revised challenge. To access it, simply approach the dungeon guardian and ask to enter the Expedition version. It consists of two rooms: the first containing only the monsters accompanying the boss, and the second containing the boss itself.

The challenge is intended for players level 180 and above, so the monsters have been adapted, either in their statistics or mechanics. The same applies to the bosses, making them anything but straightforward encounters. In total, 20 dungeons will be available during this season, with a gradual release over the weeks. Initially, 3 will be accessible, then 2 new ones will arrive on Fridays, and 1 on Mondays.

- April 30th: Royal Tofu, Royal Tynril, Soft Oak
- May 3rd: Smiths' Chest, Crocabulia
- May 6th: Minotoror
- May 10th: Master Corbac, Hungry Sunflower
- May 13th: Royal Rainbow Blop
- May 17th: Bworkette, Black Rat
- May 20th: Legendary Crackler
- May 24th: Meulou, White Rat
- May 27th: Kardorim
- May 31st: Koulosse, Moon
- June 3rd: Sponge Mob
- June 7th: Dragon Pig, Golden Scarab Beetle


Just like in the previous edition, a timeline will allow you to track your progress throughout the adventure. This consists of a free version and a paid version. The latter includes only cosmetic items. Therefore, all players will have access to in-game rewards, such as experience candies or uchronic elixirs. To complete the timeline, you'll need nothing less than 1,000 expedition tokens. Defeating each boss will earn you 50 tokens. Thus, you'll need to overcome 20 dungeons to complete it.

But that's not all. In addition to the new cosmetics introduced in the timeline, those from the previous edition are also making a comeback. You'll need to purchase them from Tokageko in the Astrub Council Tower to obtain expedition badges. Unfortunately, they are only available upon reaching 700 expedition tokens in the timeline, in its paid version.