Dofus - Top Classes for PvM Farming

Choosing the right character class can make a big difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of PvM farming. In this article, we'll explore the standout character classes for carrying out this task optimally, considering their specific abilities, spells, and strategies that make them favored choices for players looking to maximize their performance in the game.

top classes for pvm farming

The Cra class stands out as historically the most advantageous for farming purposes. Its arsenal of long-range area spells enables the seamless chaining of encounters, setting a pace that proves challenging to rival.

It's essential to note that this assessment pertains to a speed ranking designed for solo or small team engagements. Emphasis lies on swift gameplay, leveraging potent area spells whenever possible. To optimize efficiency, it is advisable to deactivate animations, activate creature mode, and master the utilization of shortcuts. Moreover, a critical mode is highly recommended, preferably with a minimum of 300 PP.


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Delving into further detail regarding the top tier:

- Zobal: Benefits significantly from its versatile range, substantial boosts, and the utilization of Agular as a class item, facilitating rapid spell casting. In group scenarios, it adeptly mitigates vitality requirements through the strategic application of shields.

- Eniripsa: Following recent adjustments, boasts an abundance of zones in all directions, enhancing its adaptability and effectiveness in farming endeavors.

- Enutrof: Equipped with a diverse array of area spells spanning each element, strategically employable through critical command and various augmentations.

- Forgelmage: Primarily characterized by its remote gameplay strategy, which revolves around skillful utilization of zones and efficient monster aggregation.

- Huppermage: Capitalizes on an extensive repertoire of area spells and class items, exploiting runification mechanics to streamline farming processes.

- Feca: Masterful integration of glyphs and Teleglyph techniques, offering a straightforward yet potent approach to combat encounters.