Dofus - Treasure Hunt System

To embark on a treasure hunt in Dofus, head to the Treasure Chest located at coordinates [-25,-36] and click on the Automated Treasure Machine inside. Once you initiate the hunt, you must wait one minute before you can cancel it.

The level you select affects only the treasure you fight at the end and the chest you receive. You cannot choose a hunt with a difficulty level higher than your character's level. Upon starting a hunt, a draggable box will appear on the left side of your screen. This box can be moved and minimized as needed. The server randomly generates hunts, so treasures are not in fixed locations. You will need to pay close attention to small graphic details in the environment to decipher clues.

Starting Location

The hunt typically begins near a Zaap or another transportation method, making it easy to start your adventure.

1. Receiving Clues: You will receive your first clue, which must be found and marked by clicking the flag icon in the hunt box. Be cautious: marking an incorrect map will result in subsequent clues being incorrect.
2. Verification:
Use the magnifying glass button in the Treasure Hunting Interface to check if the position of a clue is correct. You have a global limit of 4 verification attempts per hunt. Successful verifications that advance you to the next stage do not count against this limit.
3. Advancing Stages: Once you solve all the clues for a stage, press the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the box to move to the next stage. There are typically 3 to 4 stages, each containing 4 to 6 clues. The final stage involves starting a fight against the treasure.

Clue Restrictions

- Clues can be found within the first ten maps from the starting point or previous clue, inclusive.

- Clues cannot be located on the same map as a previous clue or the starting point.

- Harvestable resources, monsters, NPCs, and other players cannot serve as clues.

Treasure Hunting Chests

Here's a list of the chests you can receive from treasure hunts in Dofus, organized by the level of the hunt:

1. Superior Chest (Level 200)
2. Impressive Chest (Level 180)
3. Imposing Chest (Level 160)
4. Sparkling Chest (Level 140)
5. Heavy Chest (Level 120)
6. Solid Chest (Level 100)
7. Surprising Chest (Level 80)
8. Intriguing Chest (Level 60)
9. Rusty Chest (Level 40)
10. Insignificant Chest (Level 20)
11. Lottery Chest (No level requirement)

Each chest corresponds to the level of the hunt you undertake, except for the Lottery Chest, which is available regardless of your level. Happy hunting and may you find many treasures!


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Treasure Hunting Rewards

When you successfully complete a treasure hunt in Dofus, you can earn a variety of rewards. Here's a detailed breakdown:

Primary Rewards:

1. Kamas

2. Rose of the Sands: The amount typically awarded is specified on the chest pages, but you can occasionally receive up to 20,000 Roses of the Sands.

Additional Chests:

You can receive chests of the next highest or lowest level bracket, or Lottery Chests. For example, opening a Sparkling Chest (Level 140) might also give you:

- Heavy Chests (Level 120)
- Imposing Chests (Level 160)
- Lottery Chests

Boxes of Fragments:

The Box of Fragments reward will match the level of the chest you open. For instance, opening a Sparkling Chest (Level 140) will yield Sparkling Box of Fragments (Level 140).

Experience (XP) Rewards:

The XP reward for defeating the treasure is dependent on the level of the hunt. Below are the XP rewards for each hunt level:

- Level 20: 19,600 XP
- Level 40: 64,800 XP
- Level 60: 137,940 XP
- Level 80: 270,400 XP
- Level 100: 450,000 XP
- Level 120: 693,600 XP
- Level 140: 1,010,800 XP
- Level 160: 1,411,200 XP
- Level 180: 1,904,400 XP
- Level 200: 2,500,000 XP

Portal Hunt

To start a Portal Hunt, head to coordinates (-22,-24) and enter the orange portal. Inside, click on one of the consoles to begin the hunt.

Portal Hunting in Dofus

Key Differences from Treasure Hunting:

1. Server-wide Activity: A Portal Hunt is the same for all players on the server. This means all players will be searching for the same portal.

2. Invisibility of Portals: The portal remains invisible until a player successfully completes the portal hunt.

3. Portal Availability: Once a portal is found, it will stay open for 24 hours or until 128 characters have passed through it, whichever comes first. After that, a new portal will spawn, necessitating a new hunt.

4. Final Challenge:

- At the end of the hunt, you will face one or more monsters from the area. You must defeat these monsters for the portal to appear.

- If the portal is already visible, the hunt will conclude as soon as you enter the map where the portal is located.

5. No XP Rewards: You do not receive any experience points (XP) for opening a portal.

6. Clues: Each stage of a Portal Hunt consists of 5 to 6 clues.


1. Initiate the Hunt: Start the hunt at (-22,-24) by interacting with a console inside the orange portal.

2. Follow Clues: Similar to treasure hunting, follow the clues provided. There will be 5 to 6 clues per stage.

3. Combat Encounter: At the end of the hunt, defeat the area's monsters to make the portal appear.

4. Portal Discovery: If the portal is visible before you complete your hunt, your hunt will end as soon as you enter the map containing the portal.

5. Portal Accessibility: Utilize the portal within 24 hours or before 128 players pass through it.

Tips for Successful Treasure

1. Utilize Drheller Movements: Drhellers change position each time you enter their map. This can work to your advantage by potentially moving them into more visible locations if you repeatedly pass along a route.

2. Check Map Edges Carefully: Clues may sometimes appear very close to the edge of the map. If you find a clue near the edge you're entering from, double-check that it wasn't visible on the previous map. Use interface-hiding screenshots ([Shift]+[F2] by default) to inspect corners thoroughly.

3. Consider Widescreen Interface: If you're using the Dofus interface in widescreen mode, only the center (navigable) section contains valid clues. Use the button in the treasure hunt box to darken the sides of the screen that are outside the current map, helping you focus on relevant clues.

4. Collaborate with Other Players: Other players can join the final fight, which can be beneficial for capturing the bounty monster. Collaborate with fellow adventurers to tackle challenging encounters together and increase your chances of success.