Electrocutioner 6000 Boss Guide in Season of Discovery

Electrocutioner 6000 Boss Guide in Season of Discovery

The Electrocutioner 6000 is the fourth boss encounter in Gnomeregan, a robotic spider tank driven by one of the insane gnomish lieutenants still loyal to Mekgineer Thermaplugg. This boss fight presents a challenge with various abilities that players need to be aware of.

Electrocutioner 6000 - NPC - World of Warcraft

Primary Abilities

1. Confusion Protocol:

- Description: AoE spell that inflicts damage and knocks players back.

- Strategy: Players should be prepared to spread out to minimize group damage and avoid being knocked into hazardous areas.

2. Magnetic Pulse:

- Description: Targets a player with a debuff, altering their polarity. This causes the affected player to deal AoE damage around them and pull in nearby players within an 8-yard radius.

- Strategy: The affected player should move away from the group to minimize damage to allies. Others should steer clear to avoid being pulled in.

3. Static Arc:

- Description: Releases a chain lightning-like ability that hits three targets. Applies a 20-second debuff, increasing damage from subsequent Static Arc abilities by 500%.

- Strategy: Players targeted by Arco Estático should spread out to reduce the impact on the group. Heal over time (HoT) effects can be beneficial to counteract the increased damage debuff.

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Electrocutioner 6000 Strategy 

The key to defeating the Electrocutioner 6000 lies in precise coordination among raid members. Here's a detailed strategy to tackle this boss:

Tanking: Assign one tank for a straightforward tank-and-spank approach. The fight only requires one tank.

Static Arc Mechanic:

- Overview: Static Arc is the primary mechanic, releasing a chain lightning ability that hits three players and applies a 20-second debuff, increasing subsequent Static Arc damage by 500%.

- Coordination: Divide the raid into two pre-assigned groups. Players in each group will move in and out of close proximity to the boss, soaking every other Static Arc. This prevents the 500% damage increase from hitting the same players consecutively.

- Group Composition: Ideally, assign caster damage dealers to these groups, allowing melee players to maintain high uptime on the boss.

Magnetic Pulse:

- Overview: Magnetic Pulse targets a player with a debuff, causing AoE damage. The affected player needs to move to an empty space or a pre-assigned spot to avoid damaging others.

- Distance Management: The targeted player should never be further away from the boss than the groups soaking Static Arc. This ensures they don't inadvertently get targeted by Static Arc, potentially causing fatalities.

Healing Assignment:

- Healer Movement: While healers can be assigned to move in and out with the Static Arc groups, it's crucial that they can heal freely, considering the consistent damage output throughout the fight.

Alternative Static Arc Strategy:

- Melee and Stationary Healer: Position two melee players on either side of the boss, with a stationary healer at a specific range. Another healer alternates between being further and closer to the boss than the stationary healer.

- Reduced Movement: This approach minimizes the number of players moving during Static Arc, requiring only one healer to adjust positioning.

Magnetic Pulse and Healer Positioning:

- Distance Relationship: Ensure the player targeted by Magnetic Pulse is never further from the boss than the stationary healer. This prevents them from getting targeted by Static Arc meant for the groups soaking the mechanic.

Electrocutioner 6000 Tips

Tips for Tanks:

- Keep the boss stationary to ensure consistent distance for groups soaking Static Arc and the player targeted by Magnetic Pulse. 

- Avoid causing the targeted player to be further than the current soaking group, preventing potential deaths.

Tips for Melee:

- Move out of melee range if targeted by Magnetic Pulse, ensuring not to go further than the groups soaking Static Arc.

- Save gap closer abilities for Confusion Protocol, occurring approximately every 30 seconds.

Tips for Ranged:

- Stand in melee if not assigned to an Static Arc soaking group to avoid interference.

- Be prepared to fill in for someone who dies, helping their assigned group to prevent further deaths.

- Time instant cast abilities like Pyroexplosion, Shadow Word: Death, Fire explosion, Star Surge during forced movement while dealing with Static Arc.

Tips for Healers:

- Heal consistently, but communicate with the other healer if targeted by Magnetic Pulse and needing to move for safer healing overall.

- If assigned to an Static Arc soaking group, time instant cast healing spells and/or healing over time spells when forced to move for more effective healing.