Emberon Boss Guide in the Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Dungeon


Within the depths of Uldaman's ancient halls lies Emberon, a formidable guardian crafted by the masterful hands of Keeper Archaedas. Infamous for its intricate defenses, Emberon stands as a testament to the power and ingenuity of the titans.

Forged in the distant past, Emberon is imbued with the ability to unleash searing flames upon any who dare to trespass upon the sanctity of the titan vaults. Its very presence serves as a warning to those who seek to plunder the secrets hidden within Uldaman's depths.

As adventurers venture deeper into the labyrinthine passages of Uldaman, they must tread carefully, for Emberon's watchful gaze and fiery wrath await any who would challenge the guardianship of the titans. Only the most skilled and determined are able to overcome its defenses and claim the treasures that lie beyond.

Emberon Boss Guide in the Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Dungeon

Emberon Abilities

1. Purging Flames Purging Flames: Emberon channels intense flames to purge intruders. Beams of fire rotate around the vault, inflicting 11,149 Fire damage to any player caught. These beams persist until all active Vault Keepers are defeated.

Fire Wave Fire Wave: While channeling Purging Flames, Emberon releases a wave of fire every 3 seconds, inflicting 1,115 Fire damage to all players.

Sacred Barrier Sacred Barrier: A sacred barrier of flames surrounds Emberon, making it immune to damage taken while Purging Flames is in effect.

Heat Engine Heat Engine: Players entering the Sacred Barrier suffer 11,149 Fire damage and are knocked back.

2. Activate Keepers Activate Keepers: Emberon activates 3 dormant Vault Keepers to provide it power.

Seeking Flame Seeking Flame: Activated keepers periodically launch balls of fire at random players. If they strike a player, the orbs explode and inflict 11,149 Fire damage to that target.

3. Unstable Embers Unstable Embers: Emberon causes Unstable Embers to form around random players for 4 seconds. Upon expiration, these embers erupt and inflict 5,574 Fire damage to all players within 7 yards.

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4. Searing Clap Searing Clap: Emberon claps its hands, inflicting 12,542 Fire damage to all players in front of itself. Each Searing Clap causes Burning Heat on all players.

Burning Heat Burning Heat: Emberon heats up, inflicting 1,672 Fire damage to all players every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.

Tips and Strategy

Emberon initiates combat by activating several Vault Keepers, setting the stage for a fiery confrontation. As Emberon accumulates energy, it becomes empowered by the activated Vault Keepers. When its energy reaches its peak, Emberon channels Purging Flames at the heart of the vault, cloaked in a protective Sacred Barrier. This phase persists until all activated Vault Keepers are vanquished.


- Beware of Searing Clap, a devastating attack hitting all players in front of Emberon.

- Manage the onslaught of Purging Flames, which continues until all Vault Keepers are disabled.

- Emberon remains shielded by a Sacred Barrier while Purging Flames is active.

Damage Dealers:

- Focus on disabling the Vault Keepers to halt the relentless assault of Purging Flames.

- Mind the protective barrier shielding Emberon during the channeling of Purging Flames.

- Watch out for Searing Clap, striking all players positioned in front of Emberon.


- Prepare for the widespread damage caused by Searing Clap affecting all front-facing players.

- Mitigate the continuous damage from Purging Flames, ongoing until all Vault Keepers are neutralized.

- Keep an eye on Vault Keepers casting Seeking Flame, posing a threat to the raid group while active.