Guide to Obtaining the Catlike Reflexes Rune in WoW SoD Phase 3

Catlike Reflexes Rune Catlike Reflexes Rune

Increases your dodge chance by 20% and your pet's chance by 9%. Additionally, reduces the cooldown of your Kill and Flank Strike abilities by 50%.

Steps by Steps Guide

To obtain the Catlike Reflexes Rune, follow these steps:

1. Group Up: Ensure you have a group of players ready to assist you in completing this task.

2. Location: Make your way to the Yeti Cave located in Feralas. Navigate to the back of the cave using the coordinates (/way 53 60).

3. Locate the Groddoc Infant: Within the cave's depths, you'll encounter a baby monkey known as the Groddoc Infant.

Locate the Groddoc Infant

4. Feed the Groddoc Infant: Offer the Groddoc Infant a banana to gain its cooperation. You can use either Soft Banana Bread or Banana Tel'Abim for this purpose. Note that Deep Fried Plantains will not work for this step.

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5. Escort the Groddoc Infant: Once the Groddoc Infant has been fed, escort it safely to its destination. You need to bring it to the Groddoc Matriarch located at coordinates (/way 59 58).

Groddoc Matriarch located

6. Time Limit: Be mindful of the time limit; you have only 10 minutes to complete this task.