Guide to Obtaining the Deep Freeze Rune in WoW SoD Phase 3

Deep Freeze Rune Deep Freeze Rune

Stuns the target for 5 sec. Can only be used on frozen targets. Inflicts [462 * (13.828124 + 0.018012 * 60 + 0.044141 * 60 * 60) / 100 * (1)]803.032 to [538 * (13.828124 + 0.018012 * 60 + 0.044141 * 60 * 60) / 100 * (1)]935.132 damage to targets immune to stun permanently.

Step by Step Guide

To obtain the Deep Freeze rune in Phase 3, you'll need to collect a total of 25 books from various zones, similar to how you acquired the Spell Power rune in Phase 2 and the Icy Veins rune in Phase 1. Your progress will include the books you've gathered in previous phases, which will count toward your total.

Here are the eight new books added in Phase 3, along with their respective locations:

1. Lo liminal y lo arcano The Liminal and the Arcane (in Feralas):

in Feralas

The Liminal and the Arcane

2. Mente metálica A Mind of Metal (in Searing Gorge):

in Searing Gorge

A Mind of Metal

3. Leyendas de los Sabiomar Legends of the Tidesages (in Tanaris):

in Tanaris

Legends of the Tidesages

4. Viajes venenosos Venomous Journeys (in The Hinterlands):

in The Hinterlands

Venomous Journeys

5. Etiqueta cotidiana Everyday Etiquette (in Azshara):

in Azshara

Everyday Etiquette

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6. Diseño de Fraguapiedra Stonewrought Design (in Blackrock Depths): You can find the Stonewrought Design in Blackrock Depths, on the altar where you can find Franclorn Forgewright (he starts the quest for the Shadowforge Key).

Stonewrought Design

7. Códice de conjurador Conjurer's Codex (in Blasted Lands):

in Blasted Lands

Conjurer's Codex

8. Brujería sanguina Sanguine Sorcery (in Swamp of Sorrows):

Swamp of Sorrows

Sanguine Sorcery

Make sure to explore these zones thoroughly to locate and collect the necessary books. Once you've gathered a total of 25 books from the provided list, you'll unlock the Deep Freeze rune. Happy hunting!