Guide to Obtaining the Efflorescence Rune in WoW SoD Phase 3

Efflorescence Rune Efflorescence Rune

Now, your Swiftmend also triggers Efflorescence, which heals [(38.949830 + 0.606705 * 60 + 0.167780 * 60 * 60) * 16 / 100] 108.698 health points every 1 s for 15 sec to all members of the group within a 15 m radius from the Swiftmend target location.

Steps by Steps Guide

To obtain the Efflorescence Rune as a level 45 Druid, follow these steps:

1. Head to Feralas: At (/way 57 68) inside a tower in Feralas, you'll find Tyrisius. Pick up the quest Wisdom of the Guardians from Tyrisius (/way 57.2 69.0).

find Tyrisius


2. Prove Yourself to the Guardian Spirits:

a). Feralas: Locate the Treant Avatar (/way 58 52) at the Shrine of Feralas. Click on it to receive the buff Guardian's Duty. Then find Gordunni Warlock to the south (/way 61.8 55.6) and let them Shrink you. Decurse yourself to remove the effect. Proceed east to the Writhing Deep (/way 75 62) and allow an Zukk'ash Wasp to Poison you. Remove the poison. You'll receive the Guardian's Mark buff. Return to the shrine and kill the Blightbark, the Guardian of Feralas. Although he is a level 50 Elite, he's not a difficult fight.

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Treant Avatar Location:

Treant Avatar Location

Treant Avatar

Gordunni Warlock Location:

Gordunni Warlock Location

Gordunni Warlock

Zukk'ash Wasp Location:

Zukk'ash Wasp Location

Zukk'ash Wasp



b). Azshara: Go to the Shrine of the Beast (/way 34 49) and locate the white deer Child of Apa'ro (/way 43 30). Defeat it to obtain Sacred Deer Heart. Offer the Heart at the Shrine of the Beast to spawn the Hippogryph Avatar. This will summon Whisperwing, the Guardian of Azshara.

Shrine of the Beas Location:

Shrine of the Beast

Child of Apa'ro Location:

Child of Apa'ro

Child of Apa'ro

Hippogryph Avatar:



c).Hinterlands: Go to the Shrine of the Moon (/way 66 53) at the top of a hill. Cast Tranquility followed by Hurricane to spawn an elite Moonkin, Sagefeather, Guardian of the Hinterlands. Defeat Sagefeather.

Shrine of the Moon Location:

Shrine of the Moon Location



3. Return to Tyrisius: Once you've completed all the tasks and defeated the guardians, return to Tyrisius (/way 57.2 69.0). Completing the quest will reward you with the Efflorescence Rune and Seed of Renewal.