Guide to Obtaining the Elune's Fires Rune in WoW SoD Phase 3

Elune's Fires Rune Elune's Fires Rune

Some of your spells and abilities extend the duration of your damage and healing effects over time on their target:

- Starfire extends the duration of Moonfire by 6 s.
- Wrath extends the duration of Sunfire by 3 s.
- Regrowth extends the duration of Rejuvenation by 6 s.
- Shred extends the duration of Rake by 2 s.

Each effect can only be extended up to a maximum of 3 times.

Steps by Steps Guide

Druids seeking the Elune's Fires Rune must embark on a series of steps to acquire it. Below is a detailed guide on obtaining this valuable rune:

1. Locate the Traveller's Knapsack: Begin by traveling to Azshara and entering the temple situated at coordinates (/way 20 62). Inside, search for the Traveller's Knapsack and loot it.

Locate the Traveller's Knapsack

2. Retrieve Keldara's Registry: Within the Traveller's Knapsack, you'll find Keldara's Registry along with a Mortar and Pestle. Ensure to collect both items.

 Traveller's Knapsack

3. Read Keldara's Registry: Take a moment to read Keldara's Registry, which is found inside the knapsack. This will provide crucial information for the subsequent steps.

Retrieve Keldara's Registry

4. Gather Satyrweed: Surrounding the temple, Satyrweed plants can be found. Loot three of these plants to obtain Satyrweed Samples.

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Gather Satyrweed Location:

Gather Satyrweed Location



5. Prepare Satyrweed Tincture: With the Mortar and Pestle in hand, use it to prepare a Tintura de hierba de sátiro Satyrweed Tincture from the collected Satyrweed Samples.

6. Locate a Corrupted Hippogryph: Search for a corrupted Hippogryph, recognizable by its green glow and the Satyr Corruption debuff. Approach the corrupted Hippogryph.

Locate a Corrupted Hippogryph

7. Dispelling the Corruption: Utilize Hibernation on the corrupted Hippogryph to temporarily incapacitate it. Then, administer the Satyrweed Tincture to dispel the Satyr Corruption debuff from the creature.

8. Receive the Elune's Fires Rune: Upon successfully dispelling the corruption from the Hippogryph, you will be automatically awarded the Elune's Fires Rune, a symbol of the goddess of the moon's favor.