Guide to Obtaining the Eye of the Void Rune in WoW SoD Phase 3

Eye of the Void Rune Eye of the Void Rune

Summon an Eye of the Void to fight for you for 30 sec. The eye can cast a series of curses on your target.

Steps by Steps Guide

To obtain the Eye of the Void Rune in World of Warcraft, you need to collect seven Eyes scattered across Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Eastern Kingdoms Eyes:

1. The Hinterlands - Find the "Gleaming Eye" in Jinth'Alor. Coordinates: /way 58.4 72.7

Gleaming Eye

2. Blasted Lands - Locate the "Pulsating Eye." Coordinates: /way 49 14. You'll need a Slow Fall effect while mounted to reach it.

Pulsating Eye

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3. Searing Gorge - Search for the "Vibrant Eye" in The Slag Pit. Coordinates: /way 43.8 45.8. Note: Priests must complete a jumping puzzle to access this Eye. Position yourself at /way 45.3 50.2, walk backwards off the cliff to safely drop into the cave entrance.

Vibrant Eye

4. Stranglethorn Vale - Discover the "Ominous Eye." Coordinates: /way 33 88. It's on a table directly behind Captain Stillwater.

Stranglethorn Vale

Kalimdor Eyes:

1. Feralas - Seek out the "Burning Eye" in the northwest tower of the Ruins of Isildien. Coordinates: /way 57.2 68.7. It's behind a Night Elf NPC.

Burning Eye

2. Tanaris - Find the "Suppurating Eye" in the Silithid hive in The Gaping Chasm. Coordinates: /way 56.4 73.7. Enter the cave via the south entrance, then follow the path to the circular room where the Eye is located.

Suppurating Eye

3. Felwood - Locate the "Penetrating Eye" inside Jaedenar. Coordinates: /way 36.5 55.7 (entrance at /way 35.3 58.7). Be prepared for level 54-55 mobs near the eye.

Penetrating Eye

Rune Completion:

Once you've collected all seven Eyes, travel to Azshara and head to the coordinates /way 89 33, located at the eastern end of the northern pinnacle. There, you'll find the "Shrine of the Watcher" nestled into a doorway in the ruins. With all Eyes in your inventory, target the Shrine and use the /kneel emote. This will trigger the quest "Seven eyes I seek..." allowing you to turn in your Eyes and receive the Eye of the Void Rune as a reward.

Shrine of the Watche

Shrine of the Watcher:

Shrine of the Watcher