Guide to Obtaining the Fanaticism Rune in WoW SoD Phase 3

Fanaticism Rune Fanaticism Rune

It increases the chance of getting a critical strike with Holy spells by 18%.

Steps by Steps Guide

To obtain the Fanaticism Rune in the game, you'll need to follow these steps:

1. Complete the Sheath of Light Rune: Before you can access the Fanaticism Rune, make sure you've completed the Sheath of Light Rune. This is a prerequisite for Aeonas the Vindicated to appear.

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2. Visit Stormwind Cathedral: Head to Stormwind Cathedral and speak to Aeonas the Vindicated.

Visit Stormwind Cathedral

Aeonas the Vindicated

3. Talk to Katherine the Pure: After speaking with Aeonas, find Katherine the pure within the Stormwind Cathedral. She will trigger the quest The Mysterious Merchant.

Visit Stormwind Cathedral

Katherine the Pure

4. Head to Theramore: Follow the quest's directions to travel to Theramore.

5. Confront Merchant Elrick: Inside the Theramore Inn, you'll encounter Merchant Elrick. Engage and defeat him to complete the quest. He should drop a Bloody Missive.

Confront Merchant Elrick


6. Retrieve the Bloody Missive: Pick up the Bloody Missive dropped by Elrick. This item will start the quest The Bloody Missive.

Bloody Missive

7. Return to Stormwind Cathedral: Travel back to Stormwind Cathedral and hand in the quest to Katherine the Pure.

8. Receive Fanaticism Rune: Upon turning in the quest, you'll be rewarded with the Fanaticism Rune.

Note: Players have reported a change in the procedure. Instead of directly killing Elrick and turning in the quest to the innkeeper, players may now need to defeat Elrick and possibly Client mal encarado before turning in [The Mysterious Merchant] to the Innkeeper. Afterward, players can purchase the Bloody Missive from the Innkeeper to start [The Bloody Missive]. This change may have been implemented to alleviate a bottleneck issue. Once confirmed, the procedure will be updated accordingly.