Guide to Obtaining the Gale Winds Rune in WoW SoD Phase 3

Gale Winds Rune Gale Winds Rune

It increases the damage your Hurricane deals by 100%, removes its cooldown, and reduces its mana cost by 20%.

Steps by Steps Guide

To obtain the Gale Winds Rune, follow these steps:

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1. Head to Grimtotem Compound in Feralas.

2. Look for a hidden path that leads up into the hills. You can start at coordinates /way 66 33.

Look for a hidden path

3. Once you've found the hidden path, follow it up the hills.

4. At the top of the hills, you'll come across a hut.

5. Inside the hut, you'll encounter a level 43 Elite Tauren named Namida Grimtotem, located at coordinates /way 66.8 38.6.

Tauren named Namida Grimtotem

6. Engage and defeat Namida Grimtotem to obtain the Gale Winds Rune.

Namida Grimtotem