Guide to Obtaining the Gladiator Stance Rune in WoW SoD Phase 3

Gladiator Stance Rune Gladiator Stance Rune 

An aggressive attitude that increases damage by 10% while wielding a shield and increases block chance by 10%, but reduces armor by 30% and decreases generated threat by 10%.
When wielding a shield during Gladiator Stance, you can use all abilities that are restricted in other stances.

Steps by Steps Guide

To obtain the Gladiator Stance Rune in World of Warcraft, warriors must complete a multi-part quest chain. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Avoid Grouping: It's crucial not to join any groups during this quest chain, as it can potentially cause bugs. While it doesn't happen every time, it's risky enough to avoid altogether. Joining a group at any stage may prevent you from completing the quest.

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2. Starting the Quest: Begin by picking up the quest called "The Old Champ" from Fizbuz Mithril in Gadgetzan, located in Tanaris. You can find Fizbuz Mithril at coordinates /way 51.6 27.6.

Fizbuz Mithril

3. Quest in Azshara: Fly to Azshara and speak with Kajind (/way 25.4 66.2) to complete the quest "The Old Champ." Then, accept the next quest called "Defanged" from Kajind.

Quest in Azshara

speak with Kajind

4. Defeating Ceruleos: Your next task is to defeat Ceruleos, a dragon that patrols just north of Lake Mennar. The dragon's path is roughly in the middle of the area, around coordinates /way 39.4 72.4. Despite having a low health pool, Ceruleos can deal significant damage, so be prepared for the fight.

Defeating Ceruleos


5. Returning to Kajind: After defeating Ceruleos, return to Kajind to pick up the next quest in the chain, titled "Return to the Arena."

6. Completion in Gadgetzan: Head back to Gadgetzan and speak to Fizbuz Mithril to turn in the quest "Return to the Arena." Then, accept the subsequent quest called "Fight Night."

7. Defeating Kajind: Your final task is to defeat Kajind in combat. Once you've emerged victorious, turn in the quest to receive the Gladiator Stance Rune and the "Fury of the Steel Master" item.