Guide to Obtaining the Hammer of the Righteous Rune in WoW SoD Phase 3

Hammer of the Righteous Rune Hammer of the Righteous Rune

You gain the ability Hammer of the Righteous:

Strike the current target and up to 2 additional nearby targets, dealing 4 times the damage per second of your right hand as Holy damage.

Step by Step Guide

To acquire the Hammer of the Righteous Rune in the game, Paladins must first complete the Fanaticism Rune. Here are the steps to obtain it:

1. Complete the Fanaticism Rune: Ensure you have completed the Fanaticism Rune quest beforehand. If you haven't, refer to the guide to complete the necessary steps leading up to the starting point for the Hammer of the Righteous quest.

2. Start the Quest Materials of Significance:

- Head to Felwood, located at (/way 43 57).

Start the Quest Materials of Significance

- Look for a climbable rope that leads to Aeonas. Speak with Aeonas and exhaust all dialogue options.

- Then, speak to Gregory. Exhaust his dialogue options as well. He will offer the quest Materials of Significance.

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3. Gather the Specified Materials:

- Núcleo infernal ígneo Infernal Fire Core: Obtain by killing Infernals and Entropic Beasts in Felwood.

Infernals and Entropic Beasts

- Polvo de sepultura fulgurante Lightning Sealed Grave Dust: Acquire from looting grave moss after defeating Princess Theradras in Maraudon.

- Cerveza fundida de triple elaboración Triple-Brewed Melted Beer: Purchase for 2 gold with 50 silver from Plugger Spazzring in the Grim Guzzler bar inside Blackrock Depths.

- Símbolo de fe Symbol of Faith: Found in Southshore at (/way 67 14).

Symbol of Faith

4. Return to Gregory: Once you've gathered all the required items, return to Gregory to turn in the quest and acquire the Hammer of the Righteous Rune.