Guide to Obtaining the Honor Among Thieves Rune in WoW SoD Phase 3

Honor Among Thieves Rune Honor Among Thieves Rune 

When any player in your group lands a critical strike with an ability or spell, you gain one combo point on your current target. This effect cannot occur more than once every second.

Steps by Steps Guide

Note: You need to have completed Mansión Ravenholdt and have Ravenholdt reputation unlocked in order to begin this questline.

To obtain the Honor Among Thieves Rune, you need to follow a specific questline that begins once you've completed the Ravenholdt Manor quest and unlocked Ravenholdt reputation. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Initiate the Questline: When you reach Level 45 and enter a major city, you'll receive mail directing you to Ravenholdt Manor to speak with Fahrad.

2. Fool Me Twice: Go to Ravenholdt Manor and find Fahrad. He will inform you about the mysterious figure "C" and his activities.

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3. The Talisman of Kazdor:

- Head to Zul'Farrak in Tanaris. You must complete this quest solo, as entering Zul'Farrak puts you into a special solo instance.

- Search tents to find two Clay Vessels containing Brebaje vil Vile Concoction.

- Use one Brebaje vil Vile Concoction near Antu'sul and loot the Bone Offering from Antu'Sul's Satchel.

- Use the other Brebaje vil Vile Concoction near Witch Doctor Zum'rah and loot the Deadguard from Witch Doctor Zum'Rah's Satchel.

Witch Doctor Zum'rah and Antu'sul Location:

- Equip the Deadguard and loot the revealed grave for the Flesh Offering.

- Combine the Bone Offering and the Flesh Offering into a Blood Magic Essence.

- Find a small stone block at the foot of the steps leading up the pyramid in Zul'Farrak. Jump onto it, then walk onto the edge to reach a small chest containing a Hollow Emblem.

- Combine the Hollow Emblem and the Blood Magic Essence into a Blood Magic Emblem.

- Ascend the pyramid and loot the Spellbound War Chest to obtain Kazdor's Pendant.

4. Best Laid Plans: Return to Ravenholdt Manor and give Kazdor's Pendant to Zan Sivadento in the basement.

5. One Last Drop: Take the Modified Pendant to the dead drop in Pyrewood Village.

Modified Pendant to the dead drop in Pyrewood Village

6. Biding Our Time: Finally, return to Fahrad at Ravenholdt to receive your Honor Among Thieves Rune as well as the Thief's Hood.