Guide to Obtaining the Mental Dexterity Rune in WoW SoD Phase 3

Mental Dexterity Rune Mental Dexterity Rune

When dealing damage with your melee weapons, you increase your attack power by 100% of your Intellect, and your spell and healing damage by 30% of your total attack power for 10 sec.

Steps by Steps Guide

To obtain the Mental Dexterity Rune in World of Warcraft, follow these steps:

1. Location: Travel to Tanaris and head east of Gadgetzan.

2. Farm Wastewander Mobs: Engage and defeat Wastewander mobs in the area. Specifically, you'll want to target Dark Mage Wastewanders and Wastewander Thieves.

arm Wastewander Mobs

3. Acquire Required Items:

- Notas de brujo cifradas Encrypted Warlock Notes: This item drops from Dark Mage Wastewanders.

- Clave de Deambulador Wastewanderer's Key: You can obtain this item from Wastewander Thieves.

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4. Combine Items: Once you've collected both the Encrypted Warlock Notes and the Wastewanderer's Key, combine them to create Deciphered Warlock Notes.

Deciphered Warlock Notes

5. Locate Cryptic Scroll of Summoning: Head to the coordinates /way 58.0 36.0. Look for a Cryptic Scroll of Summoning on the ground. Although it won't be directly interactable, you'll see its name when you mouse over it.

Locate Cryptic Scroll of Summoning

6. Summon the Elite: Stand on the Cryptic Scroll of Summoning and use the Deciphered Warlock Notes. This action will summon an Enraged Voidwalker, a level 43 Elite enemy.

Enraged Voidwalker

7. Defeat and Loot: Engage and defeat the Enraged Voidwalker. Once defeated, loot the Mental Dexterity Rune from its remains.