Guide to Obtaining the Pandemic Rune in WoW SoD Phase 3

Pandemic Rune Pandemic Rune

Now, the periodic damage from your abilities Corruption, Unstable Affliction, Agony Curse, Immolate, Apocalypse Curse, and Life Drain can become critical hits.

Step by Step Guide

To obtain the Pandemic Rune in Feralas, follow these steps:

1. Locate the Shaman Grimtotem and Mystic Woodpaw: Look for the Sick Grimtotem Shaman and the Sick Woodpaw Mystic near their respective camps in Feralas.

- Mystic Woodpaw:

First, go to 68, 54, and follow the torches up the mountain. At the top, you’ll see a cave. Continue to the right and follow the edge of the mountain to find the Dead Diseased Woodpaw Mystic.

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Torches Location:

Torches Location

Woodpaw Mystic Location:

Woodpaw Mystic Location

- Shaman Grimtotem:

Next, head north-northeast to (69, 43) and find the Diseased Grimtotem Shaman under a tree. 

Shaman Grimtotem

2. Retrieve the Items:

- Find the Sick Grimtotem Shaman next to a tree. Loot the nearby Grimtotem Chest to obtain the Grimtotem Collar.

- Reach the Sick Woodpaw Mystic by using the ramp at coordinates /way 63.3 50.1. Loot the nearby Woodpaw Bag to obtain the Broken Woodpaw Staff.

3. Combine the Items: Combine the Broken Woodpaw Staff and Grimtotem Collar to create the Bastón de naturaleza enfermo Diseased Nature Staff.

4. Use the Staff: Use the Sick Nature Staff on a Diseased Forest Walker located near the Woodpaw camps in Feralas, specifically at coordinates /way 72.6 50.8. The Diseased Forest Walker is a non-elite creature, typically level 43-44.

Woodpaw camps in Feralas

5. Defeat the Diseased Forest Walker​​​​​​​: Engage and defeat the awakened Sick Thistle Bear.

6. Retrieve the Rune: After defeating the Diseased Forest Walker, loot the Pandemic Rune from its remains.