Guide to Obtaining the Rapid Killing Rune in WoW SoD Phase 3

Rapid Killing Rune Rapid Killing Rune

Reduces the cooldown of Rapid Fire by 2 min. The next Shooting ability you cast within 20 sec of killing an enemy that grants experience or honor will deal 20% more damage.

Steps by Steps Guide

To obtain the Rapid Killing Rune in World of Warcraft, follow these steps:

1. Level Requirement: Ensure your character is at least level 45 to initiate the quest.

2. Searing Gorge:

- Head to the cave located west of the flight point, with the entrance roughly around coordinates /way 22 36.

Head to the cave located

- Deep within the cave, locate a Weathered Etching. It's positioned near the top of the middle section, close to where large pillars stand (/way 14.5 36.5).

- Interact with the Weathered Etching to acquire the quest "The Burning Beast" (requires minimum level 45), which directs you to the Blasted Lands.

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3. Blasted Lands:

- Find and speak to Bloodmage Lynnore, situated just west of the road near the entrance to Stonard (/way 50.6 14.2).

Find and speak to Bloodmage Lynnore

- Turn in your quest and accept the follow-up quest "Chains That Bind." This task involves collecting 5x Eslabón de cadena infernal Infernal Chain Link, dropped by Shadowsworn enemies.

4. Hunt for Shadowsworn:

- Shadowsworn enemies can be found on either the eastern or western walls of the Blasted Lands.

Shadowsworn enemies

- Lower-level Shadowsworn (around levels 51-53) such as Faithful Shadowsworn are located on the eastern-central wall, while higher-level ones (around levels 53-55) like Shadowsworn Darkweaver are situated on the western-central wall.

5. Collect Infernal Chain Links: Defeat Shadowsworn enemies to obtain the Infernal Chain Links needed for the quest "Chains That Bind."

6. Return to Blood Mage Lynnore:

- After collecting the required Infernal Chain Links, return to Lynnore to turn in the quest.

- Upon completion, you'll receive a new quest called "The Tamed Beast."

7. Taming the Beast:

- For the quest "The Tamed Beast," you must gather Fel Lifeblood from Calefactus the Unleashed, a level 50 Corehound.

- Lynnore will provide you with an Infernal Leash to weaken Calefactus the Unleashed for capture.

Calefactus the Unleashed

8. Defeating Calefactus the Unleashed: Hunt down Calefactus the Unleashedr, who has about a 5-minute respawn time. Refer to confirmed spawn points on the map provided.

Calefactus the Unleashedr location

9. Return and Receive Your Reward:

- Once you've successfully obtained the Fel Lifeblood from Calefactus the Unleashed, return to Blood Mage Lynnore.

- You will be rewarded with an Infernal Leash and the Rapid Killing Rune.