Guide to Obtaining the Summon Felguard Rune in WoW SoD Phase 3

Summon Felguard Rune summon felguard rune

Summon a Felguard under the warlock's command.
The Felguard benefits from all talents and effects that benefit the rest of your demonic minions.

Steps by Steps Guide

To acquire the Summon Felguard Rune in Azeroth, follow these steps:

1. Locate a Fel Portal: These portals are scattered throughout Azeroth. You can find them in various locations, and there are multiple options available. Choose any Fel Portal nearby to proceed.

- Desolace:


- Swamp of Sorrows:

Swamp of Sorrows

- Ashenvale:


- Westfall:


- The Barrens:

The Barrens:

2. Send in your Imp Scout: Once you've found a Fel Portal, send your Imp Scout, also known as, inside. It doesn't matter which type of portal you use; the process remains the same.

Send in your Imp Scout

3. Remain Near the Portal: Position yourself near the portal entrance to ensure you receive the appropriate dialogue options. Being in proximity to the portal is crucial for initiating the next step.

4. Dialogue with the Imp Scout: As your Imp Scout explores the Fel Portal, you'll be presented with dialogue options. Stay vigilant and engage with the Imp Scout as it completes its task.

5. Retrieve the Treasure: Upon completing its exploration, the Imp Scout will return with a mysterious item called A Treasure from Another World. This item contains the coveted Summon Felguard Rune.

Treasure from Another World