Guide to Obtaining the Temporal Anomaly Rune in WoW SoD Phase 3

Temporal Anomaly Rune Temporal Anomaly Rune

Launches a temporal energy orb that advances slowly and, every 2 s, grants nearby group members a shield that absorbs [100 * (13.828124 + 0.018012 * 60 + 0.044141 * 60 * 60) / 100]173.816 damage for 15 sec.

Step by Step Guide

To obtain the Temporal Anomaly Rune in the game, you'll need to follow these steps:

1. Reach Level 42: Ensure your character is at least level 42 to undertake the quest.

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2. Pick up the Quest: Head to Stormwind City and speak with Garion Wendell or go to Undercity and speak with Owen Thadd to acquire the quest "A Lesson in Literacy".

- Garion Wendell Location:

Garion Wendell location

- Garion Wendell:

Garion Wendell

- Owen Thadd Location:

Owen Thadd Location

- Owen Thadd: 

Owen Thadd

3. Gather Materials:

- Collect 8x Papiro farraki Papiro farraki from Zul'Farrak.

- Obtain 5x Resina de Zukk'ash Resina de Zukk'ash by defeating bug mobs in Feralas.

- Find 1x Pluma de lechubestia prístina Pluma de lechubestia prístina from Owlkin in Hinterlands.

4. Complete the Quest: Once you've gathered all the required materials, return to Garion Wendell in Stormwind City or Owen Thadd in Undercity to turn in the quest "A Lesson in Literacy". Upon completion, you will receive the Temporal Anomaly Rune as well as a Personal Spellbook.