Guide to Obtaining the Tidal Waves Rune in WoW SoD Phase 3

Tidal Waves Rune Tidal Waves Rune

When you cast Chain Heal or Spring Tides, you gain 2 charges of Tidal Waves, reducing the cast time of your Healing Wave by 30% and increasing the critical chance of your Lesser Healing Wave by 25%.

Steps by Steps Guide

To acquire the Tidal Waves Rune in Feralas, south of Camp Mojache, follow these steps:

1. Locate the Old Crate: Head to the coordinates /way 76 48. You'll find an Old Crate situated behind an empty tent. Loot the crate to obtain an Old Key.

Locate the Old Crate

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2. Find the Waterfall: Proceed to the coordinates /way 79.2, 49.4. You'll arrive at the bottom of a waterfall.

Find the Waterfall

3. Open the Old Chest: At the base of the waterfall, you'll discover an Old Chest. Use the Old Key obtained from the crate to unlock the chest and claim the Tidal Waves Rune.

4. Beware of Simmering Elemental​​​​​​​: Upon looting the rune, be prepared for four Simmering Elemental to spawn. These creatures are levels 41-42 and are not elite, but they are immune to Frost attacks.