How to Obtain the Explorer Imp in WoW SoD Phase 3


Phase 3 of the Season of Discovery has brought forth a thrilling addition for Warlocks realm the introduction of a new Spell known as the Explorer Imp. This enchanting ability grants Warlocks the power to summon a loyal companion pet, the Explorer Imp, capable of embarking on daring adventures to Fel Portals, only to return laden with a plethora of treasures. In this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of acquiring the Explorer Imp, the diverse rewards it can procure for its Warlock summoner, and the essential Runes associated with this captivating content.

How to Obtain the Explorer Imp in SoD Phase 3

How to Obtain the Explorer Imp

Unlocking the mystical powers of the Explorer Imp, Warlocks need only master the dark art of Drain Soul. By wielding the formidable Drain Soul spell against any foe, Warlocks can unravel the essence of their adversaries, paving the way to acquiring the coveted Explorer Imp spell.

With each successful execution of Drain Soul upon a defeated enemy, there exists a significant probability that the Warlock shall lay claim to the coveted Explorer's Soul a manifestation of the adventurer's spirit infused within the essence of the fallen creature.

Once in possession of the elusive Explorer's Soul, Warlocks are bestowed with the arcane knowledge encapsulated within its essence. Through a ritual of communion with the captured spirit, the Warlock absorbs the essence of adventure, learning the ancient secrets of the Explorer Imp spell.

Armed with this newfound spell, Warlocks gain the ability to summon forth the Explorer Imp at will, beckoning the impish companion to their side to aid them in their endeavors. Remarkably, Warlocks retain the ability to simultaneously command both their faithful Warlock Pets and the intrepid Explorer Imp, enhancing their potency on the battlefield.

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Unlocking Rewards with the Explorer Imp

When the Explorer Imp accompanies a Warlock, they may chance upon enigmatic Fel Portals scattered throughout the realm. In the vicinity of these portals, Warlocks can engage their Explorer Imp in conversation, directing it to venture into the mysterious depths beyond. Upon dispatching the Explorer Imp into the portal's abyss, a transformative buff known as "Imp on a Mission" envelops the Warlock, signaling their commitment to the imp's expedition.

Venturing into the Fel Portals:

Imbued with the "Imp on a Mission" buff, Warlocks relinquish the ability to summon another Explorer Imp until the conclusion of the current venture. As time elapses and the imp delves deeper into the unknown, the Warlock awaits eagerly for the return of their intrepid companion.

Reaping the Rewards:

Upon the Explorer Imp's triumphant return from the Fel Portal, the Warlock is duly rewarded with an Otherworldly Treasure, brimming with a plethora of tantalizing items and, occasionally, a cache of gold. These treasures may encompass a variety of valuable commodities, ranging from mundane gray items like ancient skulls and broken trinkets to precious crafting materials, consumables, and even uncommon-quality Bind-on-Equip world drops.

Common Rewards Include:

1. Various Gray Items: Such as Old Skulls and Broken Trinkets.

2. Proficient Crafting Materials: Herbs, Leather, Cloth, and more, indispensable for the discerning artisan.

3. Consumables: Food, drink, Healing Potions, and Mana Potions, offering sustenance and rejuvenation in the heat of battle.

4. Uncommon-Quality BoE World Drops: Coveted artifacts from distant realms, bestowing their wielders with newfound power and prestige.