How to unlock the Balloon Transport Varrock Route

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How to unlock the Balloon Transport Varrock Route

To unlock this route, you'll only need the following:

1. Initial requirement: 10 willow logs. On subsequent trips to Varrock, only 1 willow log is required.

2.  Requires Firemaking level: 40.

3. Location: The Varrock balloon is located east of Varrock Palace, just south of the Lumber Yard, and north-west of the Earth Altar.

Step by step

Scenery 1

Balloon path (Varrock, 1).png

1. Burn log (x4)

2. Relax (x2)

3. Pull normal rope (x3)

4. Relax (x2)

5. Pull normal rope (x1)

6. Burn log (x1)

7. Relax (x2)

8. Pull normal rope (x1)

9. Burn log (x2)

10. Relax (x2)

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Scenery 2

Balloon path (Varrock, 2).png

1. Relax (x6)

2. Burn log (x2)

3. Relax (x1)

4. Pull RED rope (x2)

5. Relax (x3)

6. Drop sandbag (x1)

7. Relax (x4)

Scenery 3

Balloon path (Varrock, 3).png

1. Relax (x3)

2. Drop sandbag (x1)

3. Relax (x1)

4. Pull normal rope (x2)

5. Drop sandbag (x1)

6. Relax (x1)

7. Pull normal rope (x2)

8. Drop sandbag (x1)

9. Relax (x1)

10. Pull RED rope (x1)

11. Relax (x2)

12. Pull RED rope (x1)

13. Pull normal rope (x1)