Last Epoch - Class Mastery


In Last Epoch, unlocking a Mastery for your class is a pivotal decision that shapes your gameplay. Each class offers three distinct Masteries, each with unique skills, passive bonuses, and playstyles. To unlock them, reach level 20 with your class and choose one Mastery from the three available. This choice is permanent, so consider it carefully. Once chosen, explore the associated skills and passive tree. Experiment with your new playstyle, customizing your character to face thrilling challenges in Last Epoch.

Last Epoch - Class Mastery

How to Unlock Class Mastery

How to Unlock Class Mastery

To unlock your class's Mastery in Last Epoch, follow these steps:

1. Progress to Chapter 2: After defeating Elder Pannion, proceed to the End of Time, the game's main hub area.

2. Accept "The Power of Mastery" Quest: Locate the Forgotten Knight in the End of Time and accept the quest from her.

3. Speak to Elder Gaspar: Follow the quest instructions to find Elder Gaspar. He is located on the second level of the map, accessible via a floating spiral staircase of rocks. Speak to Gaspar to choose which Mastery you want to unlock for your class.

4. Unlock the Mastery's Passive Tree: Upon choosing your Mastery, its Passive tree will unlock. However, before investing points into this tree, you must allocate at least 20 Passive Points into your class's main tree.

5. Allocate Passive Points: By completing the main story and optional side quests that reward Passive points, you should have around 19-20 Passive points allocated. Ensure you meet this requirement before investing in your Mastery's Passive tree.

6. Respec Option: While your Mastery choice is permanent, you can respec the Passive Points allocated to your Mastery tree at any time by speaking to the appropriate NPC in town.