Last Epoch - How To Find Siege Golems


To find Siege Golems in Last Epoch, you'll want to head to Etendell, a waypoint in Thetima. If you haven't already visited this area during the story, you can teleport to Lake Liath and travel to the right of the map to reach Etendell. The waypoint is situated at the far right of the map.

Once you're at the Etendell waypoint, simply reload the area repeatedly. Each time you refresh the map, a Siege Golem will spawn directly north. This method is much simpler than searching for Siege Golems in Monoliths, although they can also be found there. Additionally, you may encounter Siege Golems in Liath's Road and The Osprix War Camp. Happy hunting!


To locate the Siege Golem in Last Epoch for your Circle of Fortune Prophecy, follow these steps:

1. Open your world map and locate Thetima. Zoom in until you can see the area marked as Etendell.

locate Thetima

2. Teleport to the Etendell waypoint. Once there, head north along the path until you encounter a single Siege Golem.

Etendell waypoint

Defeat the Siege Golem, and if needed, repeat the process to quickly complete your Circle of Fortune Prophecy without having to go through Monoliths. Simply teleport back to the Etendell waypoint to reset the map, causing the Siege Golem to respawn.

Defeat the Siege Golem

Remember, completing Prophecies often grants rewards, and the Circle of Fortune allows you to choose specific Prophecies that offer rewards for completing certain tasks, such as defeating Siege Golems.

You'll need Favor to activate Prophecies, which can be earned by completing Monoliths, defeating monsters, and finishing quests. You can check your Favor balance by accessing the Faction screen.