Last Epoch Idols Guide


"Idols" are a crucial aspect of character development within the context of this game. They are items that can be equipped in specific slots within your inventory, much like armor and weapons, but with the key difference of providing various stat boosts. Understanding the mechanics of Idols is essential for optimizing your character's performance.

Each Idol occupies an "Idol Slot" within your inventory, and they come in different shapes and sizes. Some may only take up a single square, while others might occupy a larger space, such as a three-by-one rectangle. This variability in size adds an extra layer of strategy to inventory management, as players must prioritize which Idols to equip based on their size and the available space.

Idols also come in different rarities, with each rarity level offering unique benefits and power levels. Additionally, there are class-specific Idols that provide passive bonuses tailored to particular character classes. For example, a Rogue might benefit from an Idol that increases the duration of their "Hail of Arrows" ability, while an Acolyte could utilize an Idol that reduces the health cost of spells.

It's important to note that there's a limit to the number of Idols you can equip simultaneously, determined by the number of available Idol Slots in your inventory. As you progress in the game, you'll unlock more Idol Slots, ultimately providing you with up to 20 squares to accommodate your Idols.

Mastering the utilization of Idols is integral to maximizing your character's potential, as they offer valuable stat boosts and synergies that can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. Therefore, carefully selecting and managing your Idols is essential for success in your adventures.

idols Overview

How To Obtain the Idols

Obtaining Idols in the game involves exploring various sources similar to acquiring armor or weapons, albeit they tend to be somewhat rarer. However, there are specific methods through which players can acquire a substantial number of Idols at once, such as Monoliths and Dungeons.

1. Monoliths: Certain nodes within the Monolith feature increased chances of dropping Idols as their primary reward. Completing these nodes will yield several Idols, making them a lucrative source for acquiring these items. Players can focus on these particular nodes to efficiently gather a large number of Idols.

2. Dungeons: Similarly, Dungeons offer opportunities to obtain Idols in bulk. At the conclusion of a Dungeon run, players are typically presented with a selection of chest rewards. By strategically choosing certain chest rewards, players can increase their chances of receiving a significant number of Idols as drops.

How To unlock Idol Slots

To unlock Idol Slots in the game, players need to progress through the main story and complete specific quests. Each quest completed will gradually expand the number of available Idol Slots. Players need to complete a total of eight quests from the list above to fully unlock all 20 Idol Slots. Once all Idol Slots are unlocked, completing additional quests will not unlock more slots.

Missing idol (done all quest for idols unlocks) : r/LastEpoch

Here is a breakdown of the quests associated with unlocking Idol Slots:

1. Chapter 2: The Void Assault
- Location: Last Refuge Outskirts

2. Chapter 3: An Ancient Hunt
- Location: The Council Chambers

3. Chapter 4: The Admiral's Dreadnought
- Location: The Risen Lake

4. Chapter 4: The Corrupted Lake
- Location: The Corrupted Lake

5. Chapter 5: The Sapphire Tablet
- Location: The Oracles Abode

6. Chapter 7: A Heoborean Cure
- Location: Heoborea

7. Chapter 7: Liberating the Nomads
- Location: The Wengari Fortress

8. Chapter 7: The Lance of Heorot
- Location: Farwood

9. Chapter 8: Liath's Tower
- Location: Liath's Road

10. Chapter 9: The Ruby Commander
- Location: Maj'Elka Upper District

11. Chapter 9: Desert Treasure
- Location: The Radiant Dunes

12. Chapter 9: Harton's Idol
- Location: Soreth'Ka

13. Chapter 9: Too Greedily, Too Deep
- Location: The Oasis

By progressing through the main story and completing these quests, players can gradually expand their inventory space for equipping more Idols, allowing for greater customization and power in their characters.

Types of Idols

Types of Idols

Here's a list of the types of Idols available in the game, along with their respective sizes and the minimum level required for them to drop:

NameSizeDrop Lvl

Small Idol



Small Lagonian Idol



Humble Eterran Idol



Stout Lagonian Idol



Grand Idol



Large idol



Ornate Idol



Huge Idol



Adorned Idol



Unique Idols

Unique Idols in the game offer powerful and often specialized effects that can significantly impact gameplay. These Idols are distinct from regular Idols and typically provide unique bonuses or abilities that aren't found elsewhere. Here are some examples of Unique Idols that players may encounter:

Singularity (1x1):

- (8%-20%) More Hit Damage if you have only one Singularity equipped.

- You cannot deal Critical Strikes.

Unvar's Rise (1x3):

- Once you have one Rune for Runic Invocation your runes cannot change until they are consumed.

- 1% Chance per Intelligence for 11% more Elemental Damage with One Rune Invocations.

Unvar's Exile (1x4):

- Once you have three Runes for Runic Invocation your runes cannot change until they are consumed.

- 3% Chance per Intelligence for 33% increased Elemental Damage with Three Rune Invocations.

Throne of Ambition (2x2):

- You gain a stack of Ambition when you hit a boss or rare enemy (1 second cooldown).

- 2% more Fire Damage per stack of Ambition.

- 2% more Cold Damage per stack of Ambition.

- 2% more Armour per stack of Ambition.

- 20 Maximum Stacks of Ambition.

- You lose all stacks of Ambition if you go 4 seconds without gaining a stack.

Trinity of Flames (2x2):

- Every 3rd fire spell you cast is guaranteed to crit, but has 36% less critical strike multiplier (Multiplicitave with other modifiers).

- (12%-16%) increased Spell Fire Damage.

- +(12%-16%) Chance to Ignite on Hit.

Unvar's Hegemony (2x2): 

- Once you have two Runes for Runic Invocation your runes cannot change.

- 2% Chance per Intelligence for +22% Elemental Penetration with Two Rune Invocations.